Ball Beauty Looks

Need ball inspiration? Miranda Stoner talks us through her favourite looks and ideas for the fast approaching ball season.

9th May 2018
Image Credit: @katiejanehughes (Instagram)

A large part of uni life is dry shampoo and making do, but when it comes to your society ball, it’s time to clear your desk of lecture notes and highlighters, and spread out your palettes and brushes. It’s one of the only times of year where false eyelashes don’t look over the top and you can finally road test all those camera ready beauty trends you’ve been dying to try out. Mauve lips, cut crease eyeshadow, sticky gems and wild hair colours - it’s now or never!

If you’ve chosen a pastel or black dress, a great way to liven this up is with a bit of shimmer in your make-up look. The Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette is a go to for this. The lilac shade blends perfectly into the inner corners with neutral browns, or it can be pressed over a pastel lipstick to enhance that photo perfect pout. Kat Von D’s Alchemist Holographic Palette gives an even bigger pop, and this can be blended over pastel toned eyeshadow and fanned over the cheekbones. The range of colours makes it hard to go wrong.

A ball is also the perfect opportunity to bring out the gold eyeshadow. Start with a transition shade over the whole eyelid, then apply dark brown to the main part of the lid, followed by concealer on the centre of the eyelid. Now, press your gold shadow into the lightened concealer area, Too Faced ‘You Light Up My Life’ wins the gold medal for pigmentation in my books, but there are plenty of other lower budget gold options. To finish, use your transition shade to blend the edges, then apply a whisp of eyeliner and a flick of mascara, plus your favourite false lashes, and you’re good to go. If you want to take your eye look to the next level though, then gems are what’s missing in your life. Scatter them across your brow bone or eyelid, or another option is to create a cut crease look with a glitter glue stick.

Image Credit: @adelesmakeup (Instagram)

For a less mythical, but equally dramatic look, liquid eyeliner is your best friend. Follow the lashline then double back over the eyelid for a bold statement. Use a saturated monotone eyeshadow in a colour that compliments your outfit in the lines you’ve created. Choosing an unusual colour is an easy way to express your personality and show your personal style.

If you’re the queen of neutral make-up then going for a wild hairstyle is a wonderful means of taking your look from standard night out to ball glam. Experiment with coloured hair sprays - there are so many colours on the market. Texture sprays such as Superdrug Salt Spray can also take your do to the next level. If you’re feeling really daring then try weaving extensions into braids or your ponytail. For hair inspiration, you need look no further than Ariana Grande. Her ponytail is iconic. However, if you’re going for the razzle dazzle look then braid beads, rings, or pendent charms into your plaits or your hair and sprinkle your head with a few sequins.

Remember though, the most important thing about a ball is to be creative and seize the opportunity to give your face everything you’ve got. Last but not least, don’t forget to stock the fridge with a lush face mask, cucumber, and coconut water for the day after.

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