Battlefront 2: Theorycraft

Jacob Clarke discusses whether or not EA are the developers Battlefront is looking for

Jacob Clarke
20th February 2017
Credit: EA Press Kit

The announcement of a new Battlefront game before EA’s 2015 release was as sought after as a new Half-Life game for many nostalgic gamers, hoping to get their hands onto an immersive next-gen Star Wars shooter.

To some extent EA delivered on their multi game deal with Lucasarts. The new Battlefront looked beautiful, played extremely smoothly and was simple enough to get stuck into, well for about an hour. What EA disappointed us with was the fact that the game was very repetitive.

Once you had played a few matches online it was time to stop playing; there’s only a few times you can kill some rebel scum without it getting samey. Obviously, this is in addition to EA’s incessant nagging for us to buy post game DLC that isn’t worth its £15 price tags for a few maps, though this is something I doubt we can expect to change.

However, on the 31st of January, EA announced in an earnings report news that there would be a sequel to the 2015 game to release later this year. This tells us that the mechanic of the game will likely be similar due to the very short time frame between the two games.

However, it’s not the gameplay that needs changing, so EA dropped the bombshell we all wanted with 2015’s reboot. A single player campaign. Noting that one of the most complained about areas of the game was its simplicity, EA has responded by uncharacteristically offering players something that they have asked for.

This creates many questions. Will the campaign be story driven and follow the story of a rebel or imperial soldier? Or will it reflect the galactic conquest campaigns of the original games, where we control a specific faction and attempt to assert our dominance over the many planets and areas of the galaxy?

This would allow for a more expansive game, one that could cover most periods of Star Wars history, battles could include fights against clone troopers and the trade federations droid army of the prequels (who doesn’t miss jet pack troopers and playing as a Droideka?).

We might hope for iconic locations like Naboo and Coruscant, places that the new engines and graphical brilliance of this generation are suited to. Then there’s obviously all the things we expect from the original trilogy, Stormtroopers vs rebels on Hoth and Endor, and now maybe even Scarif to include things from the new spinoffs.

And of course, the new trilogy must be included, the first order and the alliance must play a larger role to fully flesh out the new series.

This inclusion of all aspects of Star Wars could make for extraordinary and fantastical multiplayer battles too, why not have the Trade Federation vs the Rebel Army, or the clone troopers vs the Stormtroopers in a vast display of continually missing the target? This opens a great opportunity for cross-trilogy heroes and villains. Darth Maul vs Darth Vader, Kylo-Ren vs Qui-Gon Jinn. The possibilities are endless. EA, you are our only hope.

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