BBC announces prom dedicated to video games

BBC announces there will be a prom dedicated to video games in the 72 coming up this summer.

George Bell
25th May 2022
Image credit: @BBCWorld on Twitter
Video games have consistently been excluded by many as being an art form. But it looks like that stereotype may finally be dissolving as a light gets shone onto it, multiple in fact, with its very own prom.

The BBC has announced, as one of its 72 upcoming proms between July and September, that they will be having a prom dedicated solely to video games. 

Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by legend Robert Ames, who has previously conducted proms on science fiction film music and ‘Pioneers of Sound’.

Games have impressive gameplay, visuals, and stories but what they also have is beautiful music.

It is unsure when exactly the prom will take place, but it looks to be a fantastic experience all around, and not just for those who are avid gamers. Finally it seems that contemporary music, one of the oldest art forms, is beckoning in the digital words of games that so many people shun and ignore. 

Games have impressive gameplay, visuals, and stories but what they also have is beautiful music. From Austin Wintory’s composition for Journey to Koji Kondo’s The Legend of Zelda, some of the music behind games rivals even the greats of other mediums and deserve our respect and awe. But also, games are a fun and interactive experience so hopefully the prom will play into that with throwbacks to the classic and catchy tunes of the past like Super Mario Bros.

Hopefully more details of this event will be released soon and usher in a new era of respect for video games.

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AUTHOR: George Bell
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