Beauty Brand Lovin- Maybelline

Charley Moran discusses her favourite beauty brand of the week- Maybelline.

Charley Moran
21st October 2019
Image- Pixabay

The brand that needs ‘lovin’ this week is definitely Maybelline. The brand is not only globally successful selling in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia but also allows the world of makeup to be explored, experimenting new and old styles giving each person the opportunity to embrace their uniqueness. The two products that are hot right now are the Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara and the Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer. These two products have been flying off the shelves ever since they came into stores.

A particular favourite of the UK is the Lash Sensation. Maybelline describes the mascara to have a low wax formula that can be built up layer upon layer, without fear of clumps or crunchiness. In addition to this it creates voluminous and defined lashes with a layered, multiplied lash effect. The mascara can be used daily or for a night out in town as it provides the chance to give either a natural subtle look for lashes or an  extravagant look with long defined lashes. The colours they offer are; 'brownish black', 'very black' and 'blackish black' meaning that your eyelashes will definitely have colour and your eyes will pop. The mascara also comes in waterproof, and as it takes a lot of scrubbing to come off, you can definitely take those perfect looking lashes in the pool with you! And the best thing about it… it’s only £8.99, absolute bargain.

"It comes in eighteen different shades meaning this flawless and light wear concealer can be shared with all skin tones creating the perfect complexion."

Another reason this brand stands out is that it has recently released a concealer product, the 'instant anti-age eraser concealer'. It comes in a plastic container with a sponge applicator at the top, offering a soft way to apply the product without having to be harsh on the skin. The concealer blends perfectly, feeling extremely light and covering dark circles, red spots and shadows, making anyone look wide awake and ready for the day. It comes in eighteen different shades meaning this flawless and light wear concealer can be shared with all skin tones, creating the perfect complexion. This stands out because although it is light weight it is also high coverage meaning you don’t need layer upon layers to get the coverage you want. This product like lash sensation is an absolute bargain at £8.99 making it affordable but also of a high street quality.

Maybelline is recognised by celebrities and gets high recognition for its products, more recently even by YouTubers, who rave about these two products and how the brand have introduced other essentials for your everyday makeup bag. The reason this brand is so spectacular is because of its reliability, it provides you with what it says on the package and never fails to disappoint with high quality products at drugstore prices.

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