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Charley Moran tells us all things Soap and Glory as the beauty brand she is loving.

Charley Moran
9th December 2019
The brand we are loving this week is the less talked about Soap and Glory! This brand is not only recognised worldwide but with good reason too, it covers all your beauty needs from makeup to skincare products and these are what we are going to look at.

Makeup: Firstly, we will look at the makeup, and what’s not to love? They have mascaras, lip liners, bronzers, highlighters, concealers and brow sticks. These all give off the same impression of creating the perfect bronzed look which can be perfect for summer and winter. A majority of these products and vegan and cruelty free meaning the brand has a positive ethos and ethnic side to their branding. Back to the makeup now, their glow out highlight stick is simply stunning and is perfect for sparkling up subtle looks. Although it is for the cheeks it can also be used on the body and eyes allowing us to glow and stand out on a Saturday night. The makeup product that makes us love this product is the iconic sexy mother pucker lip-gloss which has been flying off shelves since it came out in 2006 and still continues to be one of the most popular products. This super lip pumping product has super fill lip plumping spheres exploding in volume when on your lips giving us the perfect pout we all want. And the best thing is it now comes in 7 shades!

Instagram: @soapandgloryusa

Skincare: So where to start with their skincare? Soap and glory skincare is an absolute essential in your skincare whether it’s the body butter or scrub of your life it’s a must. They have multiple fragrances within all their products able to fulfil the needs of a wide customer base. They have original pink which is where we find out most popular products like hand food, heel genius, the righteous butter, clean on me shower gel, bronzing spray and body spray. These are always the products I grab when I see soap and glory because they enable yourself to feel completely refreshed and all help to give you a little pamper from home. Other fragrances include Sugar Crush, Fruitigo, Mist you Madly, Smoothie Star and Call of Fruity. Within all these fragrances we can see a range of products which help to improve your skincare routines and can add as an extra for a pamper.

Festive ideas: When it comes to Christmas presents Soap and Glory is perfect providing gift sets ideal for Secret Santa or a gift for a loved one or a friend. They have small sets in cardboard packaging with a variety of the beauty products and all fitting in a similar price bracket. And then they also have the new gift sets which comes in tins which are larger and come with more products in and these would play more as a large gift to someone as they are higher in price but the value is sensational for the products inside and you also get the tin which can be kept for storage or display.

Instagram: @soapandglory

Overall Soap and Glory needs more recognition as it is a basic must which we all need whether it’s just some hand moisturiser or some lip-gloss their products cover hand bag essentials and something extra for home pampering. The best thing is boots are selling products at half price right now and there are sales to follow so go out and love this brand!

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