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Leanna Thomson discusses some of the most affordable yet high-quality beauty products.

Leanna Thomson
10th October 2019
Unsplash / @element5digital
Life on a student budget requires a keen eye  for savings. As tempting as it may be to splurge your student loan on that brand new palette, it can seem that there’s little room in your bank account for such luxuries. As a new first year student, this is something that I’m slowly, and sadly, realising.

However, after scouring the web and hunting the high streets, I’ve managed to achieve something that appeared impossible; finding incredible, high performing beauty products that are also kind to your purse. Here’s a list of some of my favourites if you’re struggling to find an affordable beauty regime. / @cherry


I am obsessed with buying high end makeup, a habit I knew I had to ditch due to the frugality of uni life, but surprisingly I haven’t missed any of my pricey products, as there are so many drugstore brands that perform just as well! Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin, for example, delivers a matte, long lasting, full coverage finish that is almost unbelievable for its price tag of £12.99.  Another product that took me by surprise was Collection 2000’s lasting perfecting concealer; at just £3.99, it created an amazing brightening effect on my dark circles that caused them to completely disappear, so it’s perfect to hide a night of partying or the fact that you stayed up all night to get that essay handed in on time. Some of the other makeup products that stood out to me were Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99), which kept my face oil-free even after going to the gym, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational (£8.99), a mascara that gives a super long, voluminous, false lash effect without the fuss of glue and strip lashes, and I Heart Revolution’s highlighters; they’re £4.99 each and offer a blinding glow in a range of beautiful shades.

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Skincare brands that actually work can be extremely expensive due to their advanced ingredients, but The Body Shop’s skincare ranges are a cheaper alternative that achieve the same, outstanding results. They have products that cater for every skin type and concern with a range of natural ingredients, and man

y of their products are under £15! My personal favourites are the Drops of Light Cleansing Foam (£12), which deeply cleanses my skin and leaves it looking glowing and awake (exactly what I need when I’m up for a 9am lecture) and the Vitamin C Facial Polish (£11), an exfoliator that always leaves my skin incredibly smooth and free of impurities. All of The Body Shop’s products are cruelty free. / @saracervera


I also found some lesser known body care brands that were ridiculously cheap, and yet gave the same benefits to my skin as products over ten times their price. NSPA’s Almond Oil Body Lotion is just £1.50, yet smells amazing and keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Furthermore, lnecto Natural’s Coconut Body Scrub has worked wonders for the dry patches on my knees and elbows as well as for the milia bumps on my arms, and is just £2.99. Both of these products are also vegan.

Beauty products can be a great way to give ourselves some self care, and now us students can also have successful routines without breaking our banks.

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