Beauty brand of the week: Nivea

Amy Harris tells us about her favourite make-up brand in the forth installment of beauty brand of the week...

Amy Harris
5th November 2018
Instagram: @amigababado

Nivea is a name that every household knows and is a very popular brand here in the UK. You can go to any supermarket, pharmacy or drugstore knowing there will be a whole assortment of Nivea products to choose from, ranging from moisturiser to sunscreen to lip care.

The best thing about Nivea is the fact it is a very inclusive brand. It has both men and women’s product, with shaving foam and after-shaving balm for men, and anti-perspirant and moisturising face wipes for women. Their products are mainly unisex, from body moisturising lotion, sun creams, lip balms, face creams and showering products. Then there are some products aimed purely at men or at women such as their shaving collection, toners and cleansers like Micellar Water, but a lot of their packaging isn’t exclusively aimed at just women, it is designed for both sexes.

I’ve personally used Nivea for a long time. I remember going to the skincare aisle in Tesco and I would always pick up the big 200ml tub of Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream and Nivea Daily Essentials face cleansers, ever since then I’ve always stayed with the same product and whenever I run out I always go and pick up another tub/bottle. It isn’t the only moisturiser and face cleanser I use; however, I always have a tub of the Soft Moisturising Cream in my skincare draw. For me Nivea’s moisturiser doesn’t leave that greasy feeling and doesn’t feel too rich and thick on my skin, so for an everyday moisturiser it is my personal favourite. I’ve stayed loyal to Nivea for both moisturiser and face cleansers, but being a university student using her student loan I tend to go for other brands for deodorant, lip balms and micellar water only because I gravitate to whatever is cheaper in the supermarket or Superdrug.

[pullquote]Nivea is also a brand that has such an extensive range of products that individuals who have very sensitive skin and are allergic to a lot of skincare and beauty ingredients can use their products.[/pullquote] For example, the Nivea Sun Protect and Sensitive Sun Cream is great for those who are allergic to the ingredients in other sun creams and need something else that will suit their skin. My mum is extremely allergic to the long list of ingredients that are in most face cleansers, moisturisers and sun creams, but she can actually use Nivea’s Daily Essentials Face Scrub and the Sun Protect and Sensitive Sun Cream range, and it won’t cause her skin to flare up, compared to brands like Simple which causes her skin to react quite viciously. This just shows that the products Nivea claim to be for those with sensitive skin aren’t filled full of chemicals that a lot of people’s skin reacts to.

Nivea isn’t just a brand for individual men and women, but more of a family brand. A brand that everyone has grown up with in their household and continues to buy in adulthood. A lot of families buy their sun creams, large tubs of moisturisers and shower range because of how delicate the products are for young skin, especially their sensitive range. As a child I always remember my parents putting on Nivea’s Sun Kids Protect & Moisturise Waterproof Sun Cream when we were on holiday, and so that was the one sun cream I remember always using every time we were abroad.

I’ve gone from my parents using Nivea Kids products while I was growing up to having Nivea’s other popular products as my go to skincare as an adult. It really is a brand I have always loved and will continue using.

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