Beauty Icon of The Week: Shane Dawson

Iona May Todd sings the praises of beauty guru Shane Dawson as this week's icon of the week.

Iona May Todd
8th November 2019
Instagram: @shanedawson
Spooky season has flitted from the forefront (Mariah Carey is already harmonising in the distance), but seemingly, I simply can’t shift my mind from the crisp coherence of conspiracies.
If you can’t already tell where I’m going with this, you’re part of the conspiracy yourself my friend, because I’m not talking mad moon landings or reigning reptiles governing our rhapsodies; I’m talking one black box. One hypnotic spiral. One Illuminati triangle. Two initials – ‘SD.’
Any theories?

One Mr Shane Dawson – long-time YouTuber – is being heralded in the beauty industry this week, and is taking no qualms from non-believers upon the release of his ‘Conspiracy’ collection of makeup in partnership with epitomal, billion-dollar business-babe Jeffree Star.
Upon the release of the range, and the crash of each website with it’s availability, Shane Dawson has already established his stance within the industry as a one in pure power – intoning inspiration for all novices in makeup to allow for the experimentation with colour in conjunction to conspiracy.


In this six-part-series, we see Shane grow from the discombobulated novice he once was, to the pertinent beauty guru who, within seconds, has the power of cataclysmic consequence upon the literal and metaphorical web of beauty.

What is instantly inspiring about this week’s icon, is the archetypal embodiment of success he imposes upon his fans, in creating a world of openness for all kinds of people wanting to access what he has on offer.
Despite his identity being perhaps represented by technology, videos, perhaps you’d even say pigs, not only has Shane critically spun his identity to
assert himself into the beauty industry, but he has used the subjectivity of his identity to use what he has to create something iconic against the odds.

As a manner of this, you could believe that beauty then becomes a pathway of self-expression, whether that be through wearing a red eyeshadow look to your Monday lecture, or using a ‘pig’ as the mirror-side of the conspiracy conjecture.
You like video games? Make it in make-up.
You like going to parties? Express it through your clothes.
You like being yourself? Do it through beauty. Show it. Strut it. Do a Shane and embrace it.

The matter of the ‘iconic,’ in a business sense, sees Shane, also, re-evaluating the medium of self-portrayal and iconography, to a level of exceptionalism when established alongside his documentary series online. In this six-part-series, we see Shane grow from the discombobulated novice he once was, to the pertinent beauty guru who, within seconds, has the power of cataclysmic consequence upon the literal



and metaphorical web of beauty. In bonding between social media and beauty itself, the target audience of our generation is introduced to the power we ourselves may establish in using the outlets of our access to allow ourselves to become such business moguls as Shane himself. That, readers, is what is an inspiration. It is not the money. Not the product. It’s the involving relationship Shane clarifies between himself and fans, thus, intending tenors of reality to establish a bond upon what can truly be achieved if you try.


In doing so, Shane Dawson does not only create a literal spectacle upon YouTube upon the look of his beauty methods, he too, creates a platform for society to allow for accessibility. A platform, to allow involvement. A platform, for Shane Dawson to become one of the leading stars for not only beauty, but an idol for inspiration.

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