Before you grab the clippers, here are some easy hairstyles to try during lockdown.

If you’re not brave enough to grab the clippers and give yourself a haircut, I am going to give some different hairstyle examples that have the potentiality to change up your look without doing something irreversible.

Charlotte Airey
2nd March 2021

Quick disclaimer: my hairstyle advice for anyone with short short hair is to just shave it off, you literally wont regret it and also, it’ll defo look better than the attempted fade with an elastic band (sorry not sorry).

Some of these hairstyles I’m aware aren’t very ‘casual’ – but here are some I’ve been sporting this most recent lockdown. As we all know, due to the influence of Depop and TikTok, ‘y2k’ is all the range right now. Some, like the high bunches style, are quite y2k inspired, and therefore they could add a little spice to your lockdown. They will defo look cool and will be something a bit different on your zoom date or zoom meeting with your pals. Sometimes you need something slightly different from the classic bun or pony!

Sometimes you need something slightly different from the classic bun or pony!

Space Buns

I’ve been wearing space buns low and high a lot this lockdown, and I’m literally obsessed. I don’t know if it’s because my normal go-to is a standard bun for every day, but these are so cute, and can be worn in differing ways, as pictured.

High plaits/ bunches

You’ve all seen everyone wearing these on TikTok, and I really think they are so cute and add something a little bit diverse. Although they are a little more out there, and a bit of a bold look, this hair can be worn up and down, and defo adds a little edge.

The Bella Hadid/ 90's Ponytail

I obviously struggle with this one, with the fringe, but this hairstyle is SO cute and if you added this to your repertoire of lockdown looks it would look so slick. This is perfect for zoom call nights in, or if you’re are just feeling fancy. One of my fave hairstyles to come out of lockdown. (image credit: Pinterest/EliteDaily)

French plaits

One classic can't be left out however, French plaits are a staple to life, and I thought they looked super cute tied into space buns at the bottoms as opposed to the standard plaits; I told you I was obsessed with space buns! excuse my very bad attempt at them as well.


I know I said I’d stick to just styles you can do, however I do want to encourage people to cut a mullet in. Mullets of Newcastle on Insta has all your mullet inspo needs – hair always grows back. (credit: Pinterest, Pinterest & mulletsofnewcastle on insta).

So there you have it, some different hairstyles you can try before you reach for the scissors to cut it all off, I don't want to be blamed if you cut in a bad mullet however, it's on you.

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AUTHOR: Charlotte Airey
Politics Student @ NCL Uni
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