Best cinema snacks

For Popcorn Lover's Day, let's consider the perfect snacks to nibble on in cinema.

Zahra Hanif
14th March 2024
Image credit: Pixabay, JillWellington
It’s only right that if you’re treating yourself to a cinema trip, you have the sweet treats to match. I don’t make the rules.

Here’s a definitive list of the best cinema snacks and drinks to complement your visit - with two to three hours of unprecedented viewing on the cards, good food and drinks are a necessity -  in the worst case scenario to redeem a bland watch, or in the best case to complement your movie of the year. 

  1. Sweet popcorn

I can’t pretend to like salted popcorn. I’m convinced that those who order it are kidding themselves, perhaps I’ll get it as I get older, but for now, sweet flavoured popcorn will always come out on top. Having popcorn is a staple of the cinema experience, and so makes me feel warmly nostalgic when I’m shovelling it down - it’s rare that I’ll have any left by the time the actual film starts rolling, but I’m okay with that. 

  1. Ice cream tubs

It’s rare that in our less than sunny climate we have an excuse for ice cream. But in a nice, heated cinema, I’ll happily snap up the little barrels to accompany my watch - God bless Tyneside Cinema’s multibuy deal. They’re perfectly sized, yummy portions that make any movie trip that bit sweeter. 

  1. Tango Ice Blasts 

The ultimate sweet treat, deemed exclusive to the cinema. This is probably for the better, given that they’d bankrupt me if I had access to them in my local Tesco. There’s absolutely nothing like obtaining brain freeze in a reclining chair from the sweetest, coldest drink known to man while you have a blockbuster rolling ahead of you. Excellent, undefeated vibes.

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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