Best Coachella Looks 2019

Kajal Patel gives us the run down on Coachella 2019 fashion...

Kajal Patel
10th May 2019

Okay so, festival season is finally here and of course Coachella 2019 kicked it off by bringing some of the best (and admittedly) craziest outfits to the festival-fashion scene. As we go through a few of the many looks that celebrities brought to us this year, you’ll be able to see that once again – they did not disappoint!

  1. Hailey Bieber

Now let’s be real for a second, not everyone can pull of the double denim look, but Hailey Bieber is here to put us all to shame with her Weekend one look at Coachella. By pairing Levi ‘mom’ jeans and an oversized Levi denim jacket with a black lace corset, Mrs. Bieber managed to combine casual, with sexy. The thick gold earrings and necklace act as statement pieces, bringing more of a ‘glam’ vibe to the outfit.

  1. Shay Mitchell

The absolute queen that is Shay Mitchell gave a bohemian vibe to the Coachella scene. Mitchell overlayed a black bodysuit with a black crotchet cut-out dress and paired it with an array of gold statement jewelry, taking this look from (what could have been) basic, to a Coachella masterpiece. Blacked out from top to bottom and we’re all here for it!

  1. Winnie Harlow

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but this look is something I am completely living for. The 24-year old model sports a neon cropped top with a black waistband and pairs it with high waisted colour-blocked nylon trousers. Racer looks have come and gone but with this bombshell of a look, Harlow is sure to bring it back.

  1. Gigi Hadid

It wouldn’t be right to miss out Gigi Hadid. Every year her looks inspire me, and that’s exactly what fashion is about – expressing yourself and inspiring others to do the same. Her upbeat personality came through as she paired an all-white outfit with every colour you could possibly imagine in jacket and jewelry form. This endless amount of beaded necklaces, bracelets and rings made her look one for the books!

  1. Jaden Smith

Okay granted he was a performer rather than a festival-goer, but Jaden Smith’s outfit during performance couldn’t go amiss as one of the best Coachella looks. As if being head-to-toe in a denim dungaree look wasn’t stylish enough, Smith incorporated an insane amount of different fabrics, labels, colours and patchwork, to create a collage affect across his whole outfit. It’s bold, stylish and something that we’ve barley seen in any other 2019 Coachella look.


Coachella is full of creatives and artists that express themselves in a number of ways, so picking some of the best looks is extremely difficult to do. Whether you’re a celebrity, blogger or just go to Coachella for the festival itself and it’s ‘free’ atmosphere, you can undoubtedly be yourself there. It’s safe to say that these looks have already got me excitedly waiting to see what everyone brings out next year!



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