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Fashion editors Poppy Couling and Miranda Stoner give us two stylish celebs on their radar

Poppy Couling
17th October 2018
Instagram: @dualipa and @proudlock

Courier Fashions Best Dressed of the Week: Pop sensation Dua Lipa, and ex-Made in Chelsea star turned designer, Oliver Proudlock. 

Dua Lipa

Not only is she the voice of reason in relationship advice, Queen of Pop Dua Lipa is also an on- and off-stage fashion icon. She is artfully unpredictable, styling herself in vintage baby pink satin sweatpants and a polka crop top one day and a CHANEL suit and choker the next.

[pullquote]Whilst her more outrageous combinations are most definitely eye catching, she also has a back catalogue of very wearable looks[/pullquote]

Her outfit choices are especially interesting because she doesn’t let one singular style define her. She can dress (sometimes simultaneously) cute, sophisticated and sexy and is not tied down to one look or even colour palette. She was recently photographed in a mustard negligée and oversized grey shirt paired with black heeled leather boots. On anyone else this might have looked farcical but Dua Lipa pulled it off just as well as when she wore the more generic black ruffled skirt and top combination at her last performance in San Diego.

Whilst her more outrageous combinations are most definitely eye catching, she also has a back catalogue of very wearable looks. She is no stranger to a pair of jeans and trainers for example. These can be dressed up with anything from a velvet corset to flame adorned platforms or just casually partnered with a cropped black polo neck and a wide brimmed hat. Whilst her style diversity has been criticized as being borrowed from previous pop icons, there seems something refreshing and empowering about her ability to dress outside the box. She sums this up perfectly in her own words when she says ‘Everyone is allowed to wear whatever the f*c* they want, and it’s so important that they do.’


Oliver Proudlock

Whilst not a massive reality series fan girl, when it comes to a man that dresses rather impeccably, Oliver Proudlock immediately springs to mind. A fellow Newcastle student, he has gone on to create his own line of clean- cut and wearable clothing that goes by the name of Serge Denimes (after a brief stint on Made in Chelsea, but we aren’t here to judge). Although limited in stock, including a rather bold denim jacket (think Joseph’s technicolored dreamcoat married with some distressed patchwork fabrics) and neon coloured hoodies and t-shirts, the line is trendy and affordable. The collection is evidently born from his own personal style that ranges from ostensibly flamboyant to remarkably classy, proving that the man really can pull anything off. Just scroll through his instagram and, amongst the cheeky topless snaps in enviably beautiful locations, he promotes these pieces along with his jewellery collection consisting of bright stones and masculine engravings. The dentally blessed star regularly pairs white or black jeans (stay with me here) and a groovy silk shirt, and it just WORKS.

[pullquote]I served Mr Proudlock at Wimbledon tennis this summer as he sat alongside Loyle Carner[/pullquote]

Insert personal anecdote- I served Mr Proudlock at Wimbledon tennis this summer as he sat alongside Loyle Carner where he was donning an entirely white suit. Before you jump to conclusions, please rest assured no one was more ready to march up to him and question this fashion faux- pas more than myself. But after being briefly reminded I was staff and didn’t actually know him, I decided to serve him instead to get a closer look at what could only have looked like a couture car crash. But low and behold, the man looked ace. Teamed with flawless Louboutin trainers and his own jewellery, the outfit beautifully projected his individuality and unquestionable style.

Needless to say, the man can throw an outfit together better than we can on a good day, and he deserves serious recognition for this. Here’s to hoping we graduate and end up looking this good too.


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