Best makeup looks from the Grammys 2020

Charley Moran shares her favourite makeup look from this years Grammy Awards - It seems less is more!

Charley Moran
9th February 2020
The 62nd annual Grammy awards was held January 26th at the Staples centre in Los Angeles and as expected saw many celebrities expressing themselves through both fashion and beauty.

The makeup on a whole was fundamentally fantastic this year and hard to flaw. From the stunning natural look from the new face of music herself Billie Eilish to the more bold look from another Billy, Billy Porter. His electric blue makeup and outfit theme stood out and became a favourite of the night. However, continuing with the blue theme, the best make up look from the Grammys 2020 for me lies with Dua Lipa's flawless creation combining a combination of past and present makeup trends.

Instagram: @zvezda_na_zvezde

The makeup look can be defined by the blue eyeshadow which is the bold and the statement piece of this. Lipa, like many other at the Grammys is contributing to bringing back the 80/90’s style of blue covered eyelids giving a burst of colour and fun to makeup. There is a combination of both matte and shimmer shades focusing on the cobalt blue, blended to surround her brown eyes from the crease down to the lower lash line. A darker shade in her crease was blended out smoothly creating a mystical baby blue river on the high part of her eyelid. My favourite part of the eye look is the upper and lower lash line, with stunning pigmented blue glitter which shapes her eyes and emphasises the contrast between her hazel eyes with the blue shadow, allowing them to pop. Her lashes are full and fluttery but not too overpowering by having a more natural lash, allowing for the main attention to lie with the shadow.

Instagram @dualipa

The rest of her make-up is more subtle and following the now trend of having more ‘ natural makeup.’ She has the iconic bushy brows revived by Cara Delevingne back in 2013 - which are not going anywhere any time soon. Lipa masters this busy brow following her natural eyebrow colour and filling it appropriately to give a thick finish. Her face is matte with an airbrushed effect created by her concealer and foundation showing her flawless natural skin. She paired this similarly with a natural contour look blending a warm brown shade to the top of her forehead, sides of her nose and on her cheeky bones. An extremely faint blush with small pigment of pink can be seen being swept upon the apples of her cheeks following the contour up to her high cheek bone again revealing this natural face. Finally she paired her matte base and bold eyes with a classic brown nude lip which has been popular throughout the decades both defining the shape and giving a bold and subtle colour.

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