Better Call Saul is Saul good

Tom Moorcroft celebrates one of TV's most acclaimed spin-offs

Tom Moorcroft
13th November 2020
Credit: AMC Networks, IMDb
Better Call Saul, like it’s partner in crime Breaking Bad, is one of the most consistently great shows of all time. Time and time again I see myself writing about it for The Courier, goading me on to watch it again for the 100th time and get completely sucked into its action, drama and everything in between.

Slippin’ Jimmy, otherwise known as ‘Saul’, was one of the breakthrough characters in Breaking Bad, with his undoubted charm and unwithered enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of the justice system. I loved getting to see his character develop in Breaking Bad, but more so getting to discover how he became the criminal lawyer which we all came to know (and most of us came to love).

Watch it again for the 100th time and get completely sucked into its action, drama and everything in between.

Season after season the prequel to the instant classic seems to keep viewers drawn in, with no season lacking the intensity that Breaking Bad harboured. Whether it’s seeing how Jimmy’s relationship with his brother Chuck develops, both for better and for worse. Seeing how Jimmy (SPOILER ALERT) copes with the death of his brother, and the lengths at which he will manipulate others to get what he wants. The first exposure we see to his criminal enterprise, while selling pay-as-you-go phones to criminals, evolving to working directly with Lalo Salamanca. And I haven’t even talked about Tuco, Gus, Mike, Nacho, all of our favourite characters who were referenced in Breaking Bad.

Credit: AMC Networks, IMDb

More so, the overlap between the two series is incredible to watch as a fan. Getting to notice the most minor of references, even Saul tricking a woman into sleeping with him as he claims he’s Kevin Costner, is a blatant reference to it’s parent show.

The series, which is almost at the same amount of episodes as its predecessor, is slowly winding to a close, with the timelines almost, but not quite, linking up. A lot of people doubted how long the show would be on air, suggesting that there wasn’t much more to Saul’s character we wanted to know about. However, after 5 years, multiple Emmy and Golden Globes nominations and a breath-taking narrative, Saul certainly proved them wrong. 

To summarise the show: “It’s Saul-Good Man!”

Credit: Better Call Saul Scenes, AMC Networks, YouTube

Feature Image Credit: AMC Networks, IMDB

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