Billie Lourd set to join the Ticket to Paradise cast

Billie Lourd is in talks to join Ticket to Paradise - but what more can we expect from the Clooney and Roberts collaboration?

Johnathan Mack
18th March 2021
Image credits: IMDb
Billie Lourd is in talks to star in Ol Parker’s upcoming romantic comedy, Ticket to Paradise in which she will appear alongside Hollywood icons George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

Billie previously followed in the footsteps of her mother, Carrie Fisher, by appearing in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. She has also starred in Olivia Wilde’s feature film directorial debut, Booksmart (2019), as well as featuring as a prominent character in Fox’s Scream Queens (2015).

Now the actor is alleged to be in talks for Ticket to Paradise to play the role of Wren Butler, a graduate who accompanies her friend Lily on a trip to Bali. While on the trip, Lily falls in love with (and decides to marry) one of the locals, her divorced parents, portrayed by George Clooney and Julia Roberts, are spurred on to unite in an attempt to prevent their daughter from going through with the marriage.

Though Billie is a newcomer to the cast, her co-stars, Clooney and Roberts, have had previous shared cinematic ventures. The pair’s first onscreen team-up came at the turn of the century with Ocean’s Eleven (2001), and they have since starred in its sequel, Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Jodie Foster’s Monster Money (2016). Ticket to Paradise will be their fourth joint outing, and their first soiree into the romantic comedy genre together.

Parker is a big advocate for rom-coms with an unusual twist

The cast have got an experienced director to lead them too. Ol Parker, who helms the production, has previously directed a number of romantic comedies including his most recent work, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in 2018. His other directing credits include Imagine Me & You (2005), an unconventional romance about a newlywed bride who becomes infatuated with another woman, and Now is Good (2012). One thing which is for certain is that Parker is a big advocate for rom-coms with an unusual twist – whether that is an ABBA medley every 10 minutes, an extramarital affair, or a teenager who is battling leukaemia – so he will be well suited to dealing with the story of a whirlwind Balinese romance and the high jinks which come along with it.

At the moment its unclear exactly how Billie’s character, Wren, will get involved with the narrative. Will she be the cool, calm, and collected advisor who urged her Lily towards the side of caution? Or will she take on the wild guise of Cupid, encouraging her friend to follow her heart no matter where it takes her? Only time will tell, but at least we know she’ll be in safe hands and in good company.

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