Billy Sharp Angered by Wrexham’s ‘Disrespect’

The Sheffield United man was upset by Wrexham's social media antics...

James Kellett
22nd February 2023
Image: Twitter @WDownunder
Following Wrexham and Sheffield United’s six goal thriller in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup, both teams were forced into a replay.

With the date being set for their second encounter, the winner would be rewarded with a clash at home to Tottenham Hotspur in the Fifth Round.

Rob Lainton served well with the clubs to keep the game all square at half time, however five minutes into the second half, Anel Ahmedhodžić fired the hosts into the lead; slotting the ball past Lainton’s near post.

Wrexham responded with an equaliser via a controversial penalty, moreover they were given an opportunity to snatch the lead after being gifted another penalty, however Paul Mullin’s second attempt from the spot ended in vain.

The prospect of extra time loomed until veteran striker Billy Sharp expertly cushioned the ball into the bottom right corner in the 94th minute. Two minutes later, Sander Berge notched a third and secured Sheffield United’s ticket to the next round.

After playing an important role for the Blades in their victory, Billy Sharp made his opinions clear on Wrexham’s behaviour prior to the match.

In his post-match interview, Sharp claimed Wrexham as a club acted ‘disrespectfully’ and was unhappy in ‘the way they had been as a club’, specifically referring to a tweet from Wrexham, that the United captain explained it insinuated they were, ‘eyeing up Spurs’. is rather surprising that a player of his experience would suddenly call out the National League leaders

Although it is understandable to see why Billy Sharp was frustrated by the actions of Wrexham, it is rather surprising that a player of his experience would suddenly call out the National League high flyers live on television.

Having deployed his services for eight clubs throughout his career, as well as competing in all four divisions of the professional English football pyramid, it can be argued that Sharp’s actions were uncharacteristic for a true veteran of the game.

Now aged 37, he has done countless hours of media duties during his professional career, thus being accustomed in such duties, the behaviour of Sharp was overall unbecoming and he could have certainly vented his frustrations in a more civil manner.  

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AUTHOR: James Kellett
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