Black Friday bargains

Ioana May Todd fills us in on how to prepare for the years most coveted shopping sale.

Iona May Todd
18th November 2019
Kevin Christopher Burke on flickr
I might have to channel my inner psychic with this article, as I commence with the everyone favourite sale season.

There's one thing I can tell you for certain; the plumes of rabid public will be leaking through waves of the high street, in a sea of bobbing heads buoying in one direction of discounts. It’s that time of year again.

I’m here to save you the hassle; to save you the drowning in the depths of crowds as we settle in for yet another sale. For this year’s Black Friday fashion steals, I've got you covered.

Using the compass of last year’s deals for direction

Using the compass of last year’s deals for direction, put your feet up when battling for fashion with one of the UK’s most popular online fashion retailers. With the prediction they’ll be tempting us with up to 20% discount on all items, with up to 70% off on the ASOS Outlet, you’re covered for every seasonal look.

Snuggle up and let the laptop do the finding for you

Instagram: @topshop

If last year is anything to go by, buying from Topshop is a must when they are tempting a 50% discount on all full-price products. Both accessible on the high street and online, whether you opt for appealing to your style feelings instore, or would rather snuggle up and let the laptop do the finding for you, either way, that 50% off will be right there for you.

Tip: set up your H&M Club account online now

Tip: set up your H&M Club account online now, and by Black Friday members may be valid for an exclusive extra 10% discount, on top of the even bigger 50% off in-store items which they tempt for the big day. Take a trip, and see what heavenly and marvelous deals can tempt you.

Instagram: @levis

One pair of these bad boys and you’re set for life, so never has there been a bigger excuse to try it and treat yourself to a potential 30% off all full-price products. Whether it be a pair of fresh cut jeans, or a swishly printed ‘Levi’s’ bodysuit that you’ve been considering buying for yourself, or as a potential Christmas present for another, never has there been a time better than now to get it bought.

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