Blind Date

Daisy and Joshua tell us about their date in Tokyo.

16th November 2015

So where did you go?

We went to Tokyo, you know the cocktail bar, and then we went to Redhouse on the quayside.

Oooh that’s nice, who picked?

Well he asked where I wanted to go, and there is really nice and not too expensive so I said we could go there.

What was your first impression of him or had you stalked him on Facebook much before?

Yeah, well basically I’m part of the Tennis team. So in the group chat we were all looking at him, it was funny. Some of the girls on the team were like “ask him about his holiday to Italy in 2010” and stuff like that (laughs). And then on the date he brought up Italy and I thought... I know you’ve been there.

Do you think he’d stalked you too?

Yeah definitely, I said something about when I went to Sri Lanka and he was like “yeah, you’ve been everywhere!” ...and I thought, well I’ve only mentioned Sri Lanka. Then he said, bet I can guess the places you’ve been… but he definitely knew!

So it wasn’t awkward or anything?

No, that was the only thing I was worried about, but there were no awkward silences at all. Conversation was always really flowing!

He said something happened with two American guys staring at you?

Yeah, we were just talking, and then I looked over his shoulder and there were these two guys properly staring at me. I looked back, but they carried on staring! They didn’t look away at all. If I was on my own I would’ve asked what they were looking at, but I didn’t want to seem confrontational or anything! So I just asked if we could leave… We were going to go anyway though.

Any other awkward moments?

This wasn’t awkward particularly, but he said “oh, what’s your favourite animal” and I was sat there for ages trying to decide because I couldn’t think of anything.

[Laughs] Do you think he was just asking it to try and think of conversation?

Yeah! But it wasn’t awkward, he didn’t need to ask if I had any brothers and sisters or anything like that, but he just said it. I should’ve just said horse or something!

Were you tempted to lean in for a kiss?

Erm… no, no.

So there wasn’t any sexual chemistry then?

Well no, like I didn’t really think of him like that or fancy him.

Would your parents approve of him?

Yeah I think so, he’s sporty, which they like. He’s easy to talk to, so that’s good!

Have you spoke since?

No, I said that I’d message him… but I haven’t yet.

How would you rate your date?

7, it was fun! But I don’t know if I’d go again.

Daisy and Joshua went to Tokyo (not the place) Image: Lauren Exell

Daisy and Joshua went to Tokyo (not the place) Image: Lauren Exell

Joshua on Daisy:

So, you said you’d seen her on Facebook before, did she live up to the images in real life?

She was beautiful, can’t say a bad word about her, she was lovely.

What was her personality like as well?

She was so chatty. I was really worried that I was going to be chatting to someone and she was quite quiet, but she wasn’t, so that’s good.

So just out of interest, where did you actually go on the date?

We went to Tokyo, down by the quayside, it’s

absolutely lovely there, I’d never been before. Then we went to Redhouse for a bit of food.

Oh yeah, get some pies in you. What did she go for?

Oh, I can’t really remember, all I know is I need to go back! It was so nice.

So what did you talk about?

Everything really. We were chatting quite a bit about holidays, we literally just covered everything.

Okay, so if you were going to go on holiday with her, where do you think you’d take her?

Erm, I don’t know she’s done quite a lot of traveling. Scuba diving for definite, probably somewhere like Egypt.

Was there any embasassing or awkward moments during the date?

No, there was a really funny moment, we were sat having a drink, and for some reason, literally as fast as you’d click your fingers, she suddenly started staring somewhere. I couldn’t work out what it was at first, and then I turned around and there were these two American chaps, sat down having a drink, and they were having a stare off between them.

So as far as dates go, how do you think that went?

Oh, it was lovely, just spent all the time having a chat. It was nice and chilled.

Do you think you’d see her again?

Erm, no, I think it was more friend-y. We got on like really really good friends, but I don’t think there was really anything there.

So, at the end of the date, how did it end?

Literally, we just walked back to hers, had a hug, said goodbye and that was it really.

And, scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

10, she was absolutely lovely. Good food, good person to spend the night with, absolutely brilliant.

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