Blind Date: Ruth Loeffler meets Jordan Trower

Ruth Loeffler, 2nd Year History and Politics meets Jordan Trower, 2nd Politics and Economics

29th February 2016

Ruth on Jordan

So where did you go on your date with Jordan?

Nandos was my idea. Obviously we had to go for a ‘Cheeky Nandos.’ Since I was in year 8 its been my dream to be taken to Nandos on a romantic date, I just think it has such an intimate atmosphere.

What did Jordan think of your decision to go to Nandos?

Well, he said he hadn’t been there in a few years. I don’t know why . I get chicken cravings every time I walk past a Nandos! He likes chicken though, which is good because I don’t think I could go on a date with someone who isn’t a chicken fan.

Who got there first?

I got there first, I hate being late. I usually leave so I get there 20 minutes earlier than whoever I’m meeting. Punctuality is key. Apart from I forgot my glasses this time so I was actually only 17 minutes early.

What did you talk about?

Erm, I talked about how much I loved chicken a lot. I was trying to make him more enthusiastic about Nandos and talk him through the best things on the menu like the chicken... and the other chicken. Apart from that, I think I started talking about my ex-boyfriends a lot. I think its important to discuss past relationships before you even consider getting into another one.

What was his reaction to your conversation topics? Was it awkward at all?

He handled it well. I think he enjoyed all my facts about chicken. But no, I think I’m really good at overcoming awkward pauses.

Was there any sexual chemistry between the two?

Well, I can’t speak for him but I definitely felt the chemistry. I think it was his coat that attracted me to him actually. So really, couldn’t tell if there was sexual chemistry with him... or the coat.

Would you introduce him to your parents?

I would love to. I actually asked him if he was free over Easter or something. I was thinking he could come round Easter weekend and meet all my family. They like to know exactly what’s going on and who I’m socialising with at university.

Did he agree? Are you going to see him again?

Unfortunately we didn’t really establish whether he would come over Easter. It was pretty poor timing because at that exact moment, suddenly his friend rang him with an emergency.

Oh no, was his friend alright?

I hope so, I could hear laughing at the end of the phone so they must have been okay, although Jordan didn’t seem very sure of the details of the emergency.

Would you go on another blind date now after the success of this one?

Oh, well I’d have to discuss that with Jordan. I don’t like to be polyamorous and I definitely need to make sure we’re on the same page on whether we’re exclusive yet or not. Would be a lot easier if he replied to my texts.

So how did your date end?

After his friend rang him he said he had to go and help them with whatever was wrong. So it was quite an anticlimactic ending. I asked if he wanted to rearrange sometime in the future though and I think he said he would as he left.

So finally, if Jordan was an animal what would he be?

Hmm... well I think he’d be a peacock, not because he’s arrogant or anything. I just think he’s pretty and dresses well.

Jordan on Ruth

Were you nervous before you met her?

Not really, she messaged me before the date saying how excited she was so it was nice that we’d already spoken to break the ice before the date.

What did you think about the choice of


She seemed really keen to go to Nandos, and it’s nice and cheap and casual so I wasn’t totally against it. There are probably other places I’d rather take a girl on a date though...

What were your first impressions?

She ran up to me when I came in the restaurant. I’m not sure but she seemed to have been waiting for a while before I got there. I don’t think I was late or anything but she said she’d had a couple of bottomless fantas already.

Did she have good conversation?

She knew a lot about chicken. Its kind of amazing that someone knows that much about chicken. Also found out a lot about her past relationships which was interesting. I don’t know if that’s the ‘done thing’ on the first date but I guess its quite insightful.

What insight did you gather?

That she’s got some issues mainly.

She said she felt some sexual chemistry with you, did you feel the same?

It would probably take a bit longer to decide that. Nandos probably isn’t the best place to feel the chemistry.

Will you see her again?

Umm... I think she invited me to her house over Easter. But I’ll have to see... I’m going to be quite busy over Easter.

It’s a shame that you had to leave because of your friend, what was the emergency?

Oh... yeah. Umm... he’s fine now.

Do you have any regrets from the date? Like

having to leave early?

Yeah, it was an unfortunate incident. The thing I’d probably regret is the Hot Piri-Piri sauce I chose to go with my burger. It was too hot which meant I couldn’t really enjoy it. After the date, I think I decided that Nandos isn’t really what its cracked up to be.

Oh dear, so is this your last experience of a ‘Cheeky Nandos?’

Hmm... I don’t know. Maybe it would be different if I was with my lads instead.

It sounds like you didn’t really enjoy your date! Would you go on another one?

Yeah sure. I might try and Facebook stalk any

future blind dates, just to make sure they’re okay...

So final question, if Ruth was a type of food, what woud she be?


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