Blind date

Bettina Cataldi and Tom Patel

17th October 2016

Bettina on Tom

So firstly, where did you go?

Bar Loco, we just stayed there really

What was your first impression when you met Tom?

He was verrrrry different to what I’d normally go for, but I thought he’d be quite funny, I stalked his facebook profile and it made me laugh.. he’s so crazy, I couldn’t really belive he was as normal as he was, like underneath it all i think hes pretty cool

What do you think he thought about you?

I have no idea, he probably thought I was … do you know what a JAP is?


It means Jewish American Princess,

"jap means jewish american princess"

Wow, do you think you are one?

A princess? Not really, but I’m from Long Island New York so it kinda fits I guess. He probably thought I was an uptight bitch, but I’m not really… you better use JAP in the article haha, It is the best phrase

Don’t worry I will, Did you talk about anything interesting?

We actually talked a lot, he’s really chatty.. Because he’s a fine art major, and I’m into that stuff, we talked about art a lot. Also he’s a vegetarian like me so we talked a little about that, and obviously family stuff, and how London is different to new York because  he’s from there.

If Tom was a body part what would he be?

A body part? Definitely someone’s mane, just cos of his hair, it’s very long and flowing.. does that count?

Of course, it is pretty mane-like. Did he fulfil your hopes and dreams?

He actually did! He really exceeded expectations, becuase  his social media had me totally terrified, jsut becuase his facebook profile is so funny but we actually got on really well

So did you kiss?

No (laughs)

Are you going to meet again?

He invited me to see a movie on Thursday, I forget what it is, something about the internet or something? I don’t really know, it sounds pretty cool

What would you give Tom out of 10?

Probably a 7 and a half or an 8?

Hmm nice! thanks Bettina, you’re proof that this matchmaking thing actually works! 

Tom on Bettina

What did you think about her when you first met her?

I thought, Wow! She’s got an American accent!

What do you think she thought when she saw you?

Apprehensive.. I was pretty hung over so I wasn't really thinking about what she was thinking of me.. God I’m coming across as a bit of an idiot aren't I..

Nah you’re alright, did you talk about anything interesting?

Art galleries in New York, mobile PS1, we talked about how Long Island is different to other places in New York, gangs in London and New York… her course and how hard it was... when I asked her to do a shot she said nah cos she was in at 9 the next day, i don’t know, boring stuff like that, we’re both vegetarians, i dont know, but it was nice.

Glad to hear it... If Bettina was a body part what would she be?

That’s an awful question, it’s so loaded with traps! Errr…. can we come back to this one?

Yeah okay, but you’re answer better be really good! Did you kiss?


Will you see her again?

Yeah, we’re going to a film next week! what would you do if she said yes but I said no... haha I’d never do that

Did Bettina fulfil your hopes and dreams about the date?

Having never been on a date before, yeah it was good, top marks, but then again theres nothing to compare her to

"I thought woah! she has an american accent"

What would you give her out of 10?

8.5- I know she’ll give me lower though

Back to that other question.. If Bettina was a body part what would she be?

God I bet she’s got a really good one, i bet she said my hair... I still can’t think

Anything- a fingernail? a tooth?

I’m gonna say mouth, because whenever I couldn’t think of something to say she always managed to pull some words…. From her mouth

Very insightful... cheers Tom!

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