Blind Date: Abbie & James

Lifestyle Editor Jess Herbert interviews Abbie and James after taking part in the (in)famous Courier blind date...

Jess Herbert
10th November 2019
Image: Emma Monaghan
Third year Computer Science student James met Third year Business Management student Abbie for a blind date set up by the Courier.

Abbie on James

Hey Abbie, what made you sign up for blind date?
It was an unusual opportunity; something I had not tried before. No matter the outcome, it’s a story to tell.

Your date was the night after bonfire night, but do you think there were fireworks between you two?

I found myself getting along with him well, but I believe it seemed to spark a friendship rather than anything in the romantic sense.

I was 25 minutes late... and my card broke so I couldn’t pay for the taxi!

What’s your type and how did James compare?
He was a genuine, down to earth lad and was particularly chilled - providing I was 25 minutes late... and my card broke so I couldn’t pay for the taxi!

If James was a takeaway what would he be and why? 

Margarita pizza - enjoyable and you can’t go wrong.

What did you talk about on your date? Anything topics you’ve avoided?

Anything and everything! No topics were avoided.

Describe James in three words.
Easy-going, friendly, intelligent.

If you could redo your date what would you do differently?

I would try not to arrive late!

Will there be a second date on the cards? If so where will you go?
Unfortunately not from my side.

Would you recommend blind date?
Yeah, it’s a rare experience, and some fun if nothing else!

James on Abbie

Hey James, how long have you been single?
I’ve been single long enough!

What’s your favourite way to meet potential dates? Real life, dating apps, mutual friends etc.
I normally meet people through mutual friends. 

If they made your dating life into a Netflix series what would it be titled?

What was your first impression of Abbie? How did she compare to your normal type?
She seemed really nice.

What did you get up to on your date?
We went for drinks at The Lonsdale.

If Abbie was a club in Newcastle which one would she be and why?
I think she’d probably be Powerhouse.

I don’t really go on many dates so it ranks quite high

Did you have a lot in common?

Not really, she was a series watcher but I prefer watching movies.

Where does it rank out of all the dates you’ve ever had?
I don’t really go on many dates so it ranks quite high.

Describe Abbie in three words.
Half hour late.

Do you think you’ll see each other again?
I doubt it since we live such different lives.

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