Blind Date: Emily & Ciaran

Lifestyle Editor Jess Herbert interviews Ciaran and Emily after taking part in the (in)famous Courier blind date...

Jess Herbert
29th November 2019
Image: Emma Monaghan
Third year Geography student Ciaran met Second year Biomedical Sciences student Emily for a blind date set up by the Courier. 

Ciaran on Emily

Hey Ciaran, when was the last time you went on a date?
6 weeks ago.

How did you prepare for your date?
Shit, shower, shave.

Who’s your celebrity crush and how did Emily compare?
My celebrity crush is Kate Garraway, Emily has the same chat as Kate, however she’s much younger and doesn’t present breakfast tv.

We went to As You Like It but Emily smashed a glass so we evacuated to Holy Hobo

What did you get up to?
We went to As You Like It and drank wine, however Emily smashed a glass so we evacuated to Holy Hobo for more drinks.

What did you talk about - any topics you avoided?
Nothing, we’re both really open and chill people so didn’t have to avoid anything.

If Emily was a character in a Christmas film who would she be and why?
Elf because she’s jokes and doesn’t get embarrassed by anything.

What was your favourite and least favourite part of the date?
Everything, there were no bad parts to be honest, we just sat and chatted and drank. She has really good craic so what’s not to like.

Where does it rank out of all the dates you’ve ever been on?
It was up there with one of my best dates, no awkward silences and the chat flowed. It was really chill and fun.

Will there be a second date and if so, where to?
I’d hope so, if there was another date I’d take her to Ghetto Golf, have a few drinks and beat her at golf.

Would you recommend blind date?
Yes 100%, it’s been a great experience and you never know what will come from it.

Emily on Ciaran

Hey Emily, if your dating life was a Netflix show, what would it be called and why?
40 year old virgin - I haven’t ever had a date before.

What were your first impressions of Ciaran? Did he fit the mould of your usual type?
He seemed nice - pretty much my usual type looks wise, except he’s posh.

If Ciaran was a bar on Osborne Road which one would he be and why?
He’d definitely be Bar Blanc because he’s posh af. He’s deffo a rah.

Did he have good banter?
Yeah he had good banter and our conversations kept going. He’s really interesting. He told me so many mad stories.

Did you have a lot in common?
We are from different worlds - he’s ‘rich’ and went to private school, whereas I’m poor af and went to normal school. He’s not a Tory though so there’s always that.

From first glance I would have said he was a Tory, he just looks like the sort of person that wants to ruin the NHS

With the upcoming election, if Ciaran was a political party, which one would he be and why?
From first glance I would have said Tory, he just looks like the sort of person that wants to ruin the NHS. However since he does geography maybe Green Party? #Upthetrees

How would this rank out of all your dates?
Well this is my first date irl.

Will you see each other again?

How did you find the experience of blind date?
I was so nervous but I think it’s been absolutely mint. I did manage to figure out who the date was and snooped his social media so it was more of a visually impaired date as opposed to a blind one - but all in all sick.

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