Blind Date: Ethan & Fiona

Grace Dean interviews Ethan and Fiona after taking part in the (in)famous Courier blind date.

15th October 2019
Image: Emma Monaghan
Fourth year Law student Ethan Gren met fourth year Medic Fiona McDonald for a blind date set up by the Courier, with thanks to Ghetto Golf.


Ethan on Fiona

Hello Ethan, how did your date go?

I thought it was really good. I had a nice time and she was really fun.

Did you manage to keep it all anonymous in the end, or were you temped to text her?

Not particularly, because I quite like the anonymous aspect, but she texted me an hour beforehand to check I was definitely coming.

Was this your first ever blind date?

No, I went on one previously that had been set up by my friends.

Do you feel like your friends know your matches better than the Courier does?

No, I think the Courier got it quite spot on to be honest…I was quite impressed and surprised.

What were your first impressions when you saw Fiona then?

She seemed quite cheery and nice, happy to be there. A bit nervous, but no more nervous than I was.

Did you try open up the conversation with a cheesy chat up line?

Not that I remember, no, but I think a couple of them came throughout the night.

Had you been watching a lot of First Dates on the telly to prepare yourself?

I actually started watching it the last week, but it was just a coincidence…I didn’t plan it for the date or anything!

Did you and Fiona have a lot in common?

Yeah, quite a decent bit. We both like sports. We also both travel quite a lot and like hiking and the outdoors. We had some very good conversations.

How did you find Ghetto Golf as a first date activity?

It was much more relaxed and informal – you could have quite a laugh as opposed to just talking to each other.

And who won at the golf?

Officially me, but by the end her. One of my hole in ones was changed to an 11 – I don’t know how that happened!

Do you think that you and Fiona will see each other again?

I think that I would like to, but I’m not sure if she will, but I would be up for it. We texted early today actually, just general chitchat about the weekend, so who knows?

Would you consider going on another blind date in the future?

I’m always open to it, though it wouldn’t be my first port of call, even though I did enjoy it.

If Fiona were a Newcastle landmark, what would she be? The Angel of the North – strong and reliable? Flares – a bit out there and funky?

This is hard! Okay…it probably won’t make sense, but she would be the Tyne Bridge, because that’s what you run over during the Great North Run, and she does a lot of running, as do I. Very structurally integral.

If you described her in three words, what would they be?

Funny, warm…actually, can I swap warm? Funny, intelligent and cute.

If she were a bake or sweet treats from Greggs, what would she be?

Can I go for a Cooplands one instead? I’d say a Yum Yum-

-You get Yum Yums at Greggs, don’t you?!

I’m not sure, I’m not very familiar with Greggs. A Yum Yum because she’s sweet.



Fiona on Ethan

How did your date go?

It was good. We got on really well and I really enjoyed it.

What were your first impressions when you set eyes on Ethan?

Probably not my usual type, but it’s quite hard to judge someone from first impressions. As soon as we got talking, I knew that we would hopefully get on alright.

What did you think of Ghetto Golf as a first date venue?

It was really good, it gave us something to do and also something to talk about if there were any lulls in the conversation – which there weren’t anyway! It was really fun.

So what did you and Ethan talk about?

He studies Law, I study Medicine, so he told me a bit about his degree and I told him a bit about mine. I’m quite into sport, and he does a bit of running, so we talked a bit about then, and then places we’ve been and things we’ve done.

You both like sport. If Ethan were a sport, what sport would he be?

Well he plays squash, so maybe he’s what you would expect a sport player to be like!

Speaking of squash, would you rather have another date with Ethan or an unlimited supply of butternut squash?

Erm…I think I would have an unlimited supply of butternut squash.

Do you think you’ll go on another date with him?

I don’t think so. He said at the end of the date that he would like to see me again. I got on really well with him, but I didn’t really feel it, I didn’t really fancy him. I think we’ll just stay as friends.

Do you think a blind date was a good decision?

Yes, I think it was a really fun way of doing it. It meant that we had loads to talk about as we had never even met before, although it’s probably more nerve-wracking, and it could go badly because you have no idea what they’re like. But it’s something quite different and quite fun

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