Blind date: Jack & Siobhan

All the details from the latest Courier blind date.

24th November 2020

This week, 23 year old engineering student, Jack, met 22 year old financial analysis student Siobhan.

Hi Jack, what is your usual type?
Okay so my normal type is a girl who's active and outgoing, a big thing for me is a girl who I can have intellectual conversations with, with some banter for good measure! Looks wise I normally go for blonds with petite bodies.

What were your first impressions of Siobhan?
Well the date started off with a few tech issues leading to us emailing each other trying to get Zoom working! However when she joined her bubbly personalty shone through. And I also found her really attractive

What did you talk about on the date?
We talked a lot about each other and childhood and what we did on our placement years.

Did you enjoy going on a Zoom date?
It was good as I was doing it from my sofa and was just relaxed, however would have deffo preferred doing it in person.

If you could have gone on a Christmas date with Siobhan, what would you have wanted to do?
Hm, would have probably been a trip to the Christmas markets to get some food then onto some venues in the city.

Have you been in contact since the date?
Yes, we added each other on Facebook and have been chatting a bit, we also have our second date on Monday.

Hi Siobhan, why did you sign up for blind date?
Honestly just for the laughs really!

What is your usual type?
Hm, I wouldn't say I have a proper particular type? But they usually like to go out and have a good drink.

What were your first impressions of Jack?
Well I thought he was nice and easy to speak to.

Did you have lots in common with Jack?
There was a few things we spoke about that we had in common, like we both like hiking and voted the same in referendums and general elections.

What was the best and worst thing about going on a Zoom date?
Well the best was that I didn't feel like I had to dress up too much, but obviously it's always nicer to go out really!

If Jack was a Christmas food, which food would he be and why?
Haha, he'd be a pig in blanket because I'm sure he's liked by everyone, lol cringe! Hard to answer that question though!

Would you want to meet up in person when restrictions
allow it?
I would have to see!

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