Blind Date: Jade Holroyd and Hugh Vermont

FInd out the gossip when Jade Holroyd, 3rd year History met Hugh Vermont, 3rd year Geography

2nd November 2015

Jade on Hugh:jade

So where did you decide to meet?

We went to Fat Buddah, the restaurant.

Who decided?

He suggested somewhere but I didn’t really like the sound of it, so I thought I’d suggest there.

What were your thoughts when he first approached?

Well I don’t know why but I was a bit nervous, because I didn’t know what he was going to think of me. I didn’t really know what to say.

What about appearance-wise?

I thought he was a  nice looking boy, I don’t really remember what he was wearing though.

So what did you order to eat and drink?

We took ages to order because we were talking, and the waiter kept coming over to ask what our orders were but I hadn’t had chance to look at the menu yet. I had a nice cocktail and he had a beer, and we had pad thai. It was a bit awkward because I wanted to be adventurous but then we both got pad thai. I wanted duck, but he got duck, so I had to get chicken. And then I didn’t really want to choose noodles because I thought “how am I going to eat these?”, so I had to decide whether to eat with chopsticks or a fork. He started eating with chopsticks, but I got a fork, and then asked for a spoon… but it was a really big spoon and I couldn’t put it in my mouth, so I was just twiddling my noodles for ages before I actually put them in my mouth.

It sounds like you were talking a lot, what were some notable conversation topics?

Thailand. We’ve both been, although he went for three months and I went for three weeks, so, bit of a difference. He’s very Southern and I’m very Northern.

What did he make of your [very strong] Yorkshire accent?

Well he asked where I was from and I thought, “is it not a bit obvious?”, so I said Leeds and he said, “yeah, I thought so.”

What’s the weirdest thing that happened?

I dunno, it was pretty standard. It was just a lot of conversation, overlapping conversation.

So what happened when the date finished?

We got the bill, and then went home. We hugged goodbye.

Were you tempted to kiss him?

No, absolutely not.

Well, if you did kiss him, do you think your parents would approve of him?

Well, I already showed my mum him on Facebook and she said “Ooooh no, he’s not your type!”, but it’s because I like boys with blonde hair.

Did you get the metro or a taxi home?

Well, he got the metro, I got a taxi because I live in Sandyford and he lives in Jesmond. He did try to get me a free taxi by giving me his Uber code, but it didn’t work because I’d used all my data up.

If he were an animal, what animal would he be?

I wanna say panda, because pandas are friendly, and he’s friendly.

If you could rate your date, what would you give it?

On a conversation level, I’d give it a strong 8. But in terms of romance, 5.

Hugh on Jade:hugh

Where did you go on your date?

We went to fat Buddha, it was her suggestion and I thought it sounded like a good idea.

What were your first impressions?

Pretty good, we were both on time so that always helps. I would use the word stunning as my first impression of her.

What did you think of her accent?

Yeah she has quite a broad Huddersfield accent. Posh Essex boy and Huddersfield girl could be a nice juxtaposition.

What was the first thing you said to her to break the ice/ awkwardness?

There wasn’t really any awkwardness I don’t think, just straight into conversation really. Because it was an Asian restaurant with Thai food I was talking about how much I loved Thai food and then she mentioned she went to Thailand and I went to Thailand too… in my gap yah.

Was there any sexual chemistry between the two of you?

I’m not sure, she was very hard to read. Almost cryptic. Obviously the conversation flowed very well and there were smiles and laughs but I didn’t get anything immediately from her or anything like that.

With the Thai food and noodles, was there any difficulty eating them in front of your date?

I persevered with chopsticks for about 5 minutes thinking I was going to prove to her that I could do it, but I wasn’t getting enough food on my chopsticks to satisfy my hunger cravings so I then switched to a very Western fork.

Would you introduce her to your parents?

Yeah quite happily, I think they’d approve 100%. She does History which is one of those traditional subjects that they’d love. They’d approve of that.

Would you do it again?

Yeah I would, although I couldn’t really read her so not sure if she would.

How did your date end?

With a friendly hug and separate ways.

If she was an animal, what would she be?

(much deliberation) I could be really cringey and say a fox because she’s a foxy lady.

How would you rate your date?

A solid 7.5.

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