Blind Date: Michael Slater and Sophie Matthews

Find out the gossip from when Michael Slater, 4th Year Electrical Engineering mets Sophie Matthews, 3rd Year Geography

29th October 2015

Michael on Sophie michealonline

Where did you go?

Lane 7, and then we went to Revs after.

What were your thoughts when she first approached?

That she looked very lost, so I knew it was definitely her.

Did you have fun?

We did, yeah, we were quite drunk. I pre drank a little bit before I went, then we had a few beers at Lane 7 then a few cocktails in Revs, not going to lie I was pretty hungover this morning.

What were some notable conversation topics?

We started talking about trips to A&E at one point, I haven’t been much but apparently she has.

What was the weirdest thing that happened?

Well when we got there one of my friends came over, so I said ‘hi’, and then it turned out her and all her friends were in the lane next to us for bowling as well, so we were just awkwardly not talking to each other.

“I think my parents would

approve, she’s not crazy or


Who won at bowling?

She won the first game and then I caught up on the second. We were going to do best of 3 but we couldn’t be arsed [laughs]. I did drop a bowling ball but saved myself by getting a half strike straight after.

I think you mean a spare.

Yeah, one of them.

So how did the date end?

We went for the last metro, but then we missed it because Central Station was closed, so we got a taxi back. I walked her home, and then we kissed.

Have you got any future dates planned?

Yeah, I think so, we talked about going on another one. We’ll probably go somewhere less expensive this time because I think we both spent about £30, but she paid for the taxi home.

Would you take her home to your parents?

That’s a bit of a serious question, but yeah I think my parents would approve. She’s not crazy or anything.

If Sophie was an animal, what animal would she be?

I’d say a sheep, because you can’t say anything bad about a sheep.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

I’d say an 8, it was really good fun. She was good company and easy to talk to.

Sophie on Michael sophieonline

Where did you go?

Lane 7 then to Revs, which was really cool because I’ve never been and it was nice to go somewhere a bit different.

What were your thoughts when Michael first approached?

I was quite nervous, but he looked pretty chilled out. He looked quite presentable; he had black jeans and a nice shirt.

We all appreciate a nice shirt.

Yeah, everybody loves a nice shirt.

Did you have fun?

[Laughs] There’s only really one way to answer it, yeah, it was fun, he’s a nice guy and it’s always good to do something a bit different.

Any notable conversation topics?

Well we were both on Freshers Crew, so we talked about Sinners ruining everything. Sinners was the topic.

What was the weirdest thing that happened?

Oh god, this is so embarrassing! I thought I saw someone that I assumed was him when I came up the Metro escalator, sort of bounded over and introduced myself to this guy who looked really confused… then I realised that it was the wrong person. That kind of startled me before the date had begun.

How did the date end?

I don’t know if I should say! [Laughs] We got a taxi and he walked me back to mine and yeah, said goodbye… had a little goodnight kiss.

Who leaned in for the kiss?

Well obviously I’m going to say him, for sure! [Laughs]

Would your parents approve?

I hope so, I hope they would approve of anyone really… not that there was anything to disapprove of in regards to him, he’s nice.

“I accidentally bounded up to the wrong person thinking it was him!”

Do you think there will be any future dates?

I wouldn’t say it’s off the cards… maybe....

If Michael was an animal, what would he be?

Something fun, but not weird…

Something fluffy?

Erm…like a happy cat?

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the date?


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