Blind date: Sophie Ahmed and Matt Backx

Sophie and Matt are the latest couple to go on a Blind Date.

21st November 2016

Sophie on Matt

How was the date?

It went really well! It wasn’t awkward from the start he was just quite confident and gave me hug.

Gave you a hug! That’s a strong start! So, where did you go?

So first we went to Lady Grey, the pub near monument because basically he messaged me on facebook and he said do you fancy going to the Stand for drinks and stuff. I was a bit apprehensive because I don’t really like Stand-up comedy but it’s quite cute that he’s like thought of what he wants to do so I’ll go with it. But I suggested to go for a drink first because I was like it’s better to talk. So we went to Lady Grey and then went to The Stand after that.

How was the comedy at the club?

Well it was like a beginners like Stand Up night and it was their first time, which was quite funny to just laugh at them at how shit it was.

Could you talk in between the jokes?

Yeah they had two intervals so that was good. I ended up drinking quite a lot.

Okay so going back to the beginning, what was your immediate impression of Matt?

Well he was quite confident. I had been given his name first so I’d had a bit of a stalk but he was like my height which I didn’t realise.

So you said you got quite drunk during the date, how did that happen?

Well I was trying to keep up with him. I was drinking cider but I’m a lightweight so I could have had like 2 pints and that would have been enough for me but I had 4.

Do you think he noticed?

I think he might of, on the last pint I like spilt quite a bit on him and the table. But he found it funny so I think it was fine.

Well saved. Right now another editor mentioned that you sent some very positive texts whilst in your inebriated state, can I ask about them?

I know what’s coming here. It ‘s just what I’m like, I definitely exaggerate when I’m drunk and I do drunk text people pretty often so I don’t know. Apparently you say the truth when you’re drunk so who knows!

Was there a bit of a spark or any chemistry?

Umm… he was touching my leg a few times.

But in a friendly way! Like a little pat.

*Input from the office* ‘That’s not what you were saying last night!’

Oh god, stop! But back to the spark, there was non-stop chat, it wasn’t awkward at any point but he was really talkative so that might have been it. Meant I could relax a bit.

That sounds pretty good then! Right so the

classic; if he was an animal what would he be?

We knew this was coming so we talked about this and decided not to tell each other before the interview. So my first reaction was that he was like a bear, but he’s quite small so maybe a koala bear?

Was he hairy?

He had a bit of stubble, it was a nice amount. Nothing too beastly.

So as an experience, would you go on another blind date?

Yeah I would actually.

How would you rate this out of 10?

Well I haven’t been on many dates but this was definitely the best one so I’d say like an 8?

Okay brilliant, thanks Sophie!

Matt on Sophie

So, how did you find the date?

Yeah it was really nice, just had a couple of drinks, went to lady greys just past monument, and then we headed over to the stand for their weekly cheap comedy night

That’s very fancy, sounds like you spoilt her

Well it was only a cheap night, it was an easy good night, I’d recommend it for dates. I thought it would be quite good to do something out of the ordinary

It’s nice that you put so much thought into it! What were your first thoughts when you saw her?

She was quite small. Erm, she had a nice smile, she definitely looked like she was quite chilly. She had a nice voice, she was very friendly.

That’s good, sounds like there was a bit of a spark?

Little bit? I can see it in your eyes Matt, did you fancy her?

Yeah I did, she was a really nice date! She laughed at all my jokes which was a plus! We never struggled to find things to talk about the entire night, which was good

Aww it’s always nice to have someone you can talk to easily. What were your free favourite things about the date?

Erm… I really liked that she was really confident, I liked all the music because we went to places that I really liked, and luckily it was a really good night at the comedy! Sometimes it’s not that good and it can be a bit awkward, but sometimes its really good, and last night was really good.

Sounds like you had a lot to bond over

Yeah we had a lot in common, places we’d been, we talked a lot about films and books we had in common. Had the obvious small talk about where we are from and what we like and dislike . I learnt a lot about how she loves music and she plays in a band. I guessed her instrument first try!

What was it?

The bass guitar!

Ah! I wouldn’t have guessed that

I was quite disappointed she didn’t play the recorder

Is that what you play?

No, but I wish I could

Well it sounds like a really good date. Would you like to see Sophie again?

Yeah definitely, she was really fun. She was easy to make laugh, she was charming, she was really laid back and chilled, and she’s a lightweight

Aww… If she was an animal what animal would she be?

A koala bear!

Koala bear! Why?

Because she’s like the right size… and I can imagine her all huddled up

Okay…If she was a type of egg what would she be?

As in scrambled or fried?

Oh right! I was going to say I know nothing about chickens… I’m going to say scrambled, because I really liked her.

Aww that’s such a sweet answer! Finally what would you rate her out of 10?


That’s very specific! Thanks Matt!

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