Blind Date

Verity and Sam fill us in on their Blind Date!

12th December 2016
Verity and Sam fill us in on their Blind Date!

Verity on Sam

Hi Verity! How was your date with Sam?

It was nice! We went to Decanter and then to the Hancock. Decanter was nice, it’s down in town about 20 minutes from here.

Sounds nice. What did you get up to when you were there?

We had a few drinks, followed by a few more drinks...

Thats cute. Did you like him when you first met him? What was your first impression of him??

He was really nice! So he was earlier than me... I was a little bit late, and as I came into the place he waved to me and I thought “oh! It’s you!’ So I wasn’t worried about who it was. He gave me a hug too. So that was nice.

He sounds very nice and friendly! Was there an immediate spark?

Not an immediate spark... I think maybe towards the end when we got to know each other a bit better. He was nice, but not an initial spark no.

Aw well that’s good then. What kind of things did you talk about?

Everything, from small talk to the kind of bigger stuff. But yeah the conversation flowed really well which was good. Like uni, hobbies, societies, that sort of thing.

Is there anything that stuck out in particular?

Not that I can remember! It was just nice standard conversation haha

Can you tell me one fun fact about Sam?

He seems unfazed by mostly naked guys.. we went back to my flat after drinks for food and he saw all 3 of my male flatmates in just their pants!

Would you want to see him again?

Yeah maybe in the future, though he is quite a few years older than me... So we’ll have to see in the future I guess...

If Sam was a chocolate what would he be?

Oh, um... He’d be one of those long bars of caramel thingies...

Like a Twix?

Yeah similar! But the ones that don’t have the biscuit. Cos he’s tall and long... and skinny, but sweet inside 🙂

Aww! That’s so cute! Did you find him attractive then?

Yeah a little *giggles*

What kind of things did you have in common

We both like the Apprentice and Newcastle

If Sam was a piece of furniture what would he be?

A high chair because he’s solid, tall, and highly intellectual

Did he fulfil your hopes and dreams? –

I was actually apprehensive about the date and especially as he told me he was also first year I was hoping it wouldn’t be a really young straight out of school fresher as I didn’t go straight to uni, Luckily he was doing a town planning masters and we bonded over that as one of my sister’s studied it at UCL and he was able to tell me which period the buildings we past were from (which I thought was really cool)

Did you kiss?

I may have awkwardly kissed his hand. I wasn’t sure if he was at all interested in me because although conversation flowed easily there was distance between us. Although at mine we were sitting closer so I thought hmm maybe he is, and when I said goodbye it seemed like he wanted to, but I’m shy and didn’t want to misread anything or be too forward so instead was weird like that.

If you could rate the date out of  10?


Sounds like a Christmas Romance, thanks!

Sam on


Firstly where did you go?

So we were both relatively new to Newcastle so we weren’t exactly sure where to go. But I had a friend who recommended Decantus, which is a nice gin bar

Would you recommend it?

Definitely! You get free tapas with every drink! Then we went to the Hancock which is between our two houses

Did you choose the Hancock specifically for its romantic vibes?

It was a joint decision

What was your first thought when you met Verity?

She was wearing a very nice Christmas jumper.

Christmas jumper… on the date? Wow, did you like that?

I can get behind Christmas feelings yeah! She was wearing very nice top underneath so it was fine.

What do you think she thought about you?

Umm… is my date that really tall guy by the bar?

Standard, you are pretty tall. Did you talk about anything interesting?

We talked a lot about her two gap years

She did TWO gap years?

Yeah her CV is amazing… she’s done a lot with her life

Oh god, sounds intimidating…

I was intimidated certainly by her many jobs and life experiences… we also talked a lot about sailing and ships because that was part of her degree, which was pretty cool

She sounds like a real woman of the world… if she was a piece of furniture what would she be?

I want to go for a chaise lounge… I think I might’ve read that last week though … maybe I should say something else

Yeah please do! Actually we’ll come back to that one. Did she have good table manners?

Yeah! She ate the tiny tapas thing very politely

Did you go on anywhere after the Hancock?

(long pause)

Like… go back to hers or anything?

You’re meant to say a gentleman never tells aren’t you… hahaha

Did you fancy her at all?

Oh definitely, she was a really nice, attractive person

Yay! Did you kiss?

Err… a gentleman never tells

Sam that’s such a cop out! You’re so elusive… will you see her again?

I hope so!

Have you made any big plans?

Not yet, it was only yesterday!

Did she fulfil your hopes and dreams about the date?


Quickly back to the furniture… do you want to change it from a chaise lounge?

What would you suggest?

Something gingery, mahogany maybe?

Okay… I would say she’s a mahogany bureau, because she’s practical and knows lots of life hacks, but also has a lot hidden away, and is a really interesting person.

And finally, what would you give her out of 10?

I can’t believe you still mark people out of 10

Why, did you want to rate her higher?

I’ll give her a 9! Because she was a really nice person and had a real zest for life, which I always find attractive in people

Is this love?? Who knows! Thanks Sam!

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