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23rd November 2015

When a woman is found dumped inside a holdall in the middle of Times Square one night, with no clothes, no memory, and only a note to call the FBI in her possession, the mystery of Jane Doe begins. Covered head to toe in fresh tattoos, the one that stands out the most is FBI agent Kurt Weller’s name pride of place on her back, despite the pair being strangers.

With her system flooded with a trial drug for PTSD sufferers, Jane Doe has no memory of her life before, but her story begins to unravel as the tattoos are investigated closely. With a treasure map of criminals inked on almost every inch of her body, Jane Doe and the FBI must navigate piece-by-piece, tattoo-by-tattoo, all the while finding out more about Jane’s own shady past. Speaking fluent Chinese and deadly in hand-to-hand combat, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Jaimie Alexander is the puzzling woman spending almost eight hours in the makeup chair, selling the role perfectly with some incredible performances as the amnesiac. Sullivan Stapleton also stars as Kurt Weller, the FBI agent tasked with solving the complex puzzle, while Broadchurch alum Marianne Jean-Baptiste also features as Bethany Mayfair, Assistant Director of the FBI, with a secret of her own to hide.

Although guilty of rushing through parts of the mystery in the series’ opening episode, somewhat muting the suspense, the concept is one which is almost guaranteed to keep you asking questions throughout the series, even if it is at risk of blending into the standard police procedural.

Blindspot airs on Sky Living, Tuesday 9pm

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