Blogger of the week: Chloe Helen Miles

Chloe Laws, our resident blog-lover, scouts out 19-year-old fashion and fitness blogger Chloe Helen Miles

29th February 2016

This week’s blogger comes in the form of Chloe Helen Miles; a minimalist, scandi-style blogger, with a love for fitness and music. This blogger is only nineteen, which conjures up a lot of envy because I’ve got a few years on her and have definitely not nailed the casual-but-chic look that she has got mastered.

Her style is simplistic, as Chloe only wears shades of black, white, grey, nude and sometimes denim. This might seem restrictive, but with minimalism it is all about the art of layering and clashing textures. Plus her use of fedoras always livens up any simple outfit!  The blogging world is of course very trend-led, so it is refreshing to see someone who sticks to the basics and knows what shapes flatter them; don’t underestimate skinny jeans and a classic white-tee!

instagram @chloehelenmiles

instagram @chloehelenmiles

With campaigns under Chloe’s belt such as a Boohoo blogger trip to Ibiza, an adult Disney trip with ‘the blogger programme’ and countless brand endorsements (Asos, Missguided, Topsop etc), she is seriously in-demand. Despite not having a following to match ‘super-bloggers’, she still has a hefty 103k on Instagram, which is very impressive seeing as she doesn’t have the typical Youtube channel to accompany her blog!

With campaigns under Chloe’s belt such as a Boohoo blogger trip to Ibiza, an adult Disney trip with ‘the blogger programme’ and countless brand endorsements, she is seriously in-demand

Part of her popularity is definitely down to the fitness side of her blog. When I first started following her on Instagram a few years ago, her appeal was down to her crazy good abs and not her personal style (which has definitely evolved, as she use to be known for literally only wearing black.)

If you need any tips on how to get fit and healthy, the fitness tab on the website is a great place to look for inspiration. Unlike a lot of fitness bloggers she doesn’t set unrealistic goals, for example a post entitled ‘Why I haven’t been to the gym in two months and I’m happy about it’ embodies this ethos. In this post she is brutally honest about how she use to only weigh 7 stone and stick to cardio, and that now she has figured out the perfect middle-ground of staying healthy, but not weight-loss obsessive.

instagram @chloehelenmiles

instagram @chloehelenmiles

Purely fashion based blogs are great, obviously, because they fuel our shopping addictions, but it is nice to read a website with a more eclectic feel to it. For example, also has a section called ‘give a little love’, where this blogger promotes charity excursions that her readership are involved, in order to help promote a wide range of worthy causes.

The best thing about Chloe’s style is that it is extremely obtainable, you probably already own similar items to what she wears but just haven’t thought about layering them in a certain way. For example, who’d have thought that a school-girl-esque jumper dress with a classic buttoned-up shirt could look so sophisticated?! Plus, can we just all take a minuet to admire her hair?! She definitely had the Khloe-Kardashian-style blonde bob long before it got super popular. All in all, I’d thoroughly recommend having a browse of her Instagram and blog, it’s pretty fab and has a tonne of minimalist ideas. Plus, the charity section makes the blog stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

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