Blown the student loan: Budget Halloween makeup

No need to spend a fortune on your look this year, Sophie Hindlaugh gives us her Halloween hacks

Sophie Hindhaugh
29th October 2018
Instagram: @jessicaleighloves

It’s that time of year again. It’s the month where you spend hours trawling Instagram looking for a costume that isn’t eyeliner whiskers, one that isn’t wildly expensive, or artistically unachievable, in that it requires all the craft supplies from Homebase and a sewing machine to boot. Because who really has the time to create a costume from scratch? Not this student.  I do however have the time to trawl Instagram (of course). And, trawl I have. I’ve rounded up the easiest, most achievable, and (most importantly) purse friendly Halloween looks for your inspiration and viewing, so you don’t have too.


Pre Surgery Glam: For this look, all you need is eyeliner and a steady hand. Some fake blood looks good smudged around the forehead and under the eyes to add some dimension, but isn’t necessary. A cheap bandage from Boot’s or Superdrug wrapped around your head really pulls the look together, and helps give that pre-surgery glam look. Think P!nk in Stupid Girls but without the internalised misogyny (still a banger though). With this makeup look I’d wear either a dress or a top which exposes some skin. Arrows drawn on your chest suggesting a boob job is about to commence (a girl can only dream) would help make your costume more substantial looking and put together.


[pullquote]No need to go to Soho Rooms as a boring black cat.[/pullquote]

Ouija board: This is definitely a look that appears harder to achieve than it actually is. It will only require a few eyeliners (I recommend MUA’S £1 liners). Just a note: I would get a friend to help you, no-one wants the nightmare of looking in the mirror and realising you’ve written letters backwards. After getting the letters right, I would next focus on writing the Yes and No on your cheeks, as this is one of the most distinguishing features of an Ouija board. For your eyes I would recommend a cool toned purple or even a black, smoky eye. Keep it messy and don’t worry about it not being perfect - it’s Halloween, you’re meant to look a little bit demented.

Just don’t invite any bad demons or mean boys who don’t text you back to play.


Doe: More Baby Spice than Scary Spice? Then try this angelic looking doe makeup.  Pile on your bronzer over your cheeks and foreheads till you’re looking bronzed. Then, apply tiny dots of concealer over the brown, spacing them out evenly. Dabbing it with your finger should create a white-spotted effect. White eyeliner in your crease will create the illusion of more doe-like eyes. Eyeliner down your nose and on your top lip will complete your nose. Making the nose a heart rather than just a dot makes this look even cuter. For hair, try space buns to give the illusion of having ears. However, if this is too cutesy for you, try going as a dead deer. For this, you’ll need some fake blood to artistically dribble from your gunshot wound.


Cheshire Cat: I really love this one. A twist on a classic, it’s not something I’ve ever seen done before. Most of us have some cat ears lying about but, if you’re not totally basic, then you can get some for as cheap as £1.50 from Ebay. Pink and purple eye shadows are essential, and need sweeping over where you would normally bronze. You’ll have to whip out your eyeliner (which is the most versatile Halloween makeup tool going) and draw on your Cheshire smile. You may need to buy some white paint, just for the teeth, but over all, a very achievable and low cost look.


There are some fantastic, creative Halloween looks floating about this year. No need to go to Soho Rooms as a boring black cat.

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