Blue Sky Studios say goodbye

Following its closure last year, Blue Sky Studios releases a touching tribute

Katie Siddall
24th April 2022
Credit: IMDb
Back in April 2021, Blue Sky Studios closed its doors for the final time. During its 34 years, the studios created many films like Ice Age, Rio, Robots, and most recently Spies in Disguise.

Blue Sky Studios first opened its door in February 1987, alongside its parent company Disney. Though it opened in 1987, the first film the studio produced was Ice Age in 2002!

Blue Sky may be gone, but at least this war criminal is gone with it, Credit: IMDb

The announcement came last year that the studios was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Disney obtaining 20th Century Fox, in previous years. Though you may be worrying that Ice Age content will end - don't! Disney came forward saying that the world in which Manny, Sid, and Diago live is still alive.

In January 2022, after Blue Sky Studios shut, Disney followed up on their promise as they brought The Adventures of Buck Wild to Disney+. This 80-minute film is the spin-off from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which follows Buck, Crash, and Eddie into the Lost World.

Viewers find out more about Buck's past whilst laughing along with the silliest of possums, who no doubt mess up in the most inconvenient of times. Whilst the film has a good plot, Disney did not meet expectations as franchise regular Queen Latifah amongst other members of the cast were not involved in this project.

Blue Sky Studios knows how to give the audience what it wants, Disney does not

Blue Sky Studios know how to give their audience what they want, as it has become clear that Disney does not. The studio's final goodbye comes from Scrat, the infamous acorn-obsessed, world-ending disaster maker, saber-toothed squirrel, who after 19 long years has finally retrieved (and eaten!) his acorn.

Many fans have been devastated by the news; however, this small clip has brought light in the hour of darkness. It has also made some fans aware of the closure as many were unaware that the studio has already been shut for a year. One can only hope that the studio reopens if they can find funding.

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