Boca Seniors in relegation bother

Sports Editor and Boca Seniors captain Mark Proctor talks about the intra "fall from grace"

Matt Proctor
27th February 2018
Image: Pixabay.

Boca Seniors’ defeat to the Medics last Wednesday summed up perfectly the unfortunate and painful demise the intra-mural team has faced since 2015. Having lost the lead three times in the game and by losing to a last-minute penalty, Boca now find themselves in the midst of a division two relegation scrap.

Boca Seniors won three out of the four available trophies in 2015, and the fall from grace since has been rather spectacular. I took over the captaincy in 2016 following a disappointing season in which we were relegated from division one in the Wednesday league. Nevertheless, I was still taking charge of a division one Saturday side, and was hoping to have a strong season and restore the boys back to division one on a Wednesday. This went terribly. On a personal note, I ruptured my ACL on day two of the season, ruling me out for 15 months.

Boca now find themselves in the midst of a division two relegation scrap

I therefore took up a managerial role which at least led me to clawing back some respect for the tactically futile Frenchman in charge of Arsenal; with a small and largely uncommitted squad we found ourselves underperforming, and as a result are now in division two in both leagues. Particular highlights from last year include watching the never heard before team name of Dyslexic Untied score a ‘sweaty’ goal whilst 9-2 up on a freezing Saturday December evening.

This season saw the highly anticipated return of myself on the pitch, a truly heart warming moment for the one ‘fan’ that was watching. Could my return signal the beginning of a Boca revival? No. As stated, we are heavily embroiled in yet another relegation scrap. Second bottom with four games to go, what is certain is that the yellows will give it a right good go, and with a bit of luck I can hand over the captaincy at the end of this year with at least some dignity intact.

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