Books that should be adapted into films: the Cherub series

George Bell explains why the Cherub series should be the next book adaptation to hit the big screen

George Bell
16th May 2020
When I was a kid (yes against contrary belief I did actually have a childhood) I loved reading as much as possible. One such series of books I was obsessed with was the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore.
Could the Cherub series fill
the hole left by the
Hunger Games?

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This book series was targeted at young adults and is basically Harry Potter meets James Bond. The series follows the life of James, a troubled teen who is recruited into a secret branch of the military where kids are used as spies. Unethical? Yes. But very cool and you would be correct in assuming I wanted to be one very badly when I was younger.

Muchamore managed to flesh out this world brilliantly making this idea seem realistic. Throughout all the books there are loads of interesting and fun storylines and are part of the reason I kept reading in addition to tons of great characters. This is why I think this book series would make a great film series or perhaps even show.

The books almost felt like a more adult and realistic Harry Potter thanks in part to the main Cherub campus where all the young spies live which acts as a futuristic Hogwarts and I for one have definitely caught myself wishing I was there. I also think this is a great way to continue with the spy genre in a fresh way to entice new audiences.

Cherub series author Robert Muchamore (1972-present).
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The 2006 film Stormbreaker, based on the book by Antony Horowitz, is a similar concept to the Cherub books but unfortunately was not a great film. After receiving a pitiful 35% on rotten tomatoes it seems that Hollywood just gave up on young adult spy films instead of sticking to young kids with films like Spy Kids or adults with the ever prominent 007 franchise. But I think, and hope, that such a series as Cherub could try again at this sub-genre and do really well like many other young adult novels such as Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.

And if it were to get made into a movie, there is definitely no lack of source material with 18 books and even a prequel series based in World War II, so there is definitely more than enough available to keep audiences busy for a while. And with Daniel Craig's run as James Bond about to come to an end (if the film ever actually does come out), I can’t think of a better spy storyline to start.

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AUTHOR: George Bell
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