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Charley Moran reminds us how impactful and influential sports brand Nike is to the fashion industry

Charley Moran
17th February 2020

Nike is a brand we nearly all have in our wardrobe; whether it's a pair of Airmax or just a hoodie, the brand is synonymous with the youth of today. Not only with our generation but also those before us, which has allowed Nike to become a timeless brand that continues to grow.

Nike is best known as an American multinational corporation that endeavours to make sportswear, equipment and almost everything else sport! As the worlds largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, it has come a long way from its founding in January 1964 where it started out as ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ until the name change of 1971.

‘Nike’ was named after the Greek Goddess of Victory which is an inspiration and a reflection of the brands strive forward to combine the world of fashion and sport.

The brand became highly recognised in the US during the 1980s with American teens going crazy for the tracksuits, baseball caps, Jordan’s and Air Force Ones- which all still remain popular now. These iconic items have created a vintage ambience within the fashion world and people can't get enough of these old school items.

One part of Nike's message is that ‘If you have a body you are an athlete.’

By the 1990s and 2000s, the brand exploded in Europe and has continued to keep its loyal customers across the globe, as well as gaining many new ones.
One part of Nike's message is that ‘If you have a body you are an athlete.’ This fundamental statement is the reason why we should be loving this brand.

A brand with such a high profile and influence on a global scale showing itself as inclusive is a massive positive factor. They do not disregard any body type or individual, they continue to encourage activity and make it something that everyone is involved with. Nike is helping to create a positive community within the world of sport, as we can expect they will continue to do for many years to come.

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