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Fashion Editor Shamara Mohsin reviews British sportswear brand

Shamara Mohsin
4th March 2020
Nowadays we seek out sportswear for fitness, leisure as well as part of our general day to day wear, and therefore, its important its comfortable, long-lasting and adaptable to our activities.

With this in mind, it’s often difficult to find items that fit all these requirements with a price tag as a student you can afford, however this week I had the opportunity to try out TCA, a London born online sportswear brand that I hoped could be the one to solve my activewear needs.

TCA pride themselves on their creation of clothing that promises to support you in your goals and help you achieve them. The brand creates items for the runner, the boxer, the trainer and many other sports wearers; you can choose your clothing through their activities option or by item type, meaning it anticipates the athlete and the amateur gym-goer. The website is easy to navigate and showcases the brand's wide variety of activewear, from sports bras to hoodies as well as compression-wear and more.

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I first tried the brands Air Tanks, intended to be form fitting to produce an attractive silhouette without moulding to your skin, the comfortable fit didn’t leave me self-conscious but managed to make me feel confident without clinging to my shape but rather enhancing it. My biggest fear was that the sizing would be constricting over my chest- as is the problem with having a larger bust than waist-however the tank, which I bought in the size I wear most of my regular sportswear in, fit seamlessly over my chest and synched in slightly above my hip. TCA’s tanks are thin, purposely done to keep you cool during your workouts and to avoid weighing you down when you’re getting particularly sweaty, the thin material, partially see-through, while did not bother me may make it less adaptable to everyday wear for those wanting to lounge in the range.

As an avid collector of sports leggings, I tested out TCA’s Supreme 7/8 Leggings with high expectations. They were undoubtedly the cheapest activewear leggings I’ve tried but felt as expensive as my usual purchases. Just like the tanks, these leggings left me feeling comfortable and confident, their form-fitting style creating a seamless look. I’m often between sizes for these items and decided to size up which I would recommend for those with larger hips to ensure an easier fit. I worried they would begin to dig in after a considerable amount of time however I wore the leggings for over 11 hours one day and felt as comfortable in them as when I started the day. They exceeded my every expectation from the high range of mobility they offered me to the attractive fit they left me with, as well as their overall comfort level I will most definitely purchase these again.

While both the leggings and tank were available in a variety of colours I chose the pink claret colour, which resembled a deep red, in the Leggings and the Air Tank in the colour Anthracite, which appeared black when worn to match. These particular items contrasted well together and were a pairing I would happily wear again however with the array of options available online in the range I’m inclined to try more- especially their TCA tech pack which includes matching tanks/sports bras and leggings sets.

Overall, I found TCA a welcome surprise. Their clothing felt well-made and the perfect addition to my sportswear collection, with prices ranging from £18 to £40 they’re ideal for the pocket pinching student, and with a graduate as their founder, they understand the hardships of a student bank account and even have a student discount option. For those that are no longer students, the brand offers 15% off first-time buyers and 365 day returns to make sure you love their clothing as much as they do.

TCA’s awareness of the pro and amateur athlete means they have something for everyone in clothing you can feel confident in- both by the means of style and performance. The brand surpassed my every expectation and I can happily say met all of my sportswear requirements.


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