Breakfast of Champions

Lily Holbrook tells us about her breakfast of choice

Lily Holbrook
9th March 2021

We asked our writers to tell us about their breakfast of choice. Lily Holbrook is here to make the case for making porridge your go-to breakfast.

Nothing sets me up for a day of uni like a delicious bowl of porridge. As a child I always felt a bit put off by its less than appealing appearance, but since being at uni, my feelings toward the breakfast staple have taken a definite 180.

Porridge is my weekday go-to

Taking just minutes in the microwave and offering the ideal opportunity to take it back to my room before online seminars begin, porridge is my weekday go-to.

While almond is my preferred milk of choice, the great thing about porridge is its flexibility. Oat, soya and coconut are just a few alternatives…or maybe even chocolate if I'm feeling fancy! Even if you're out of milk (and don't want to risk nabbing some from a flatmate!), porridge still works with water too.

Sprinkled with a dash of ground cinnamon and ginger, mixed up with a handful of frozen berries and topped with banana, chia seeds and peanut butter, porridge wins the spot as my perfect morning meal.

Filling, nutritious and delicious, what better way to start the day?

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AUTHOR: Lily Holbrook
MA Media & Journalism student and science sub-editor for the 20/21 academic year.

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