Brexit Ball in Blue: How will Everton fare under Sean Dyche?

Will Sean Dyche's no-nonsense style help the Toffees?

Adam Lovegrove
12th February 2023
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Times are looking the roughest they have been in years for the Toffees, but can the former Burnley boss rescue Everton from relegation?

Frank Lampard has been sacked as the Blues’ boss with a win percentage of just 17.39% this season, tallying a measly 16 goals in 20 Premier League games and leaving the club 19th in the table. With a change in style desperately needed, Sean Dyche has been appointed by the board as manager in a desperate bid for survival. At this point, Everton fans would be happy for the club to do whatever it takes to stay up, but what can the supporters expect to see under Sean Dyche? How are they likely to line up? And is there a chance that Everton could beat the drop yet again?

One thing Everton have lacked for so long under Lampard is a distinct style. No recognisable patterns of play, no clear defensive setup, and no real game plan. The players were undisciplined, which is partially owed to the fact that Lampard’s tactics mainly consisted of sending the players out on the pitch to do whatever they want. The team is in desperate need of structure, and if there’s one thing Sean Dyche brings to the table, its structure.

Throughout his many years of management, Sean Dyche’s teams have almost always lined up with a 4-4-2. His players would stay compact and maintain their rigid formation when out of possession, which provides solidarity at the back that teams like Everton desperately need. They will likely sit back and absorb the pressure for the majority of the game, taking no risks to press high or break out of their tight configuration. Attacks will come primarily from set-piece chances or counter-attacking opportunities. If all goes to plan, the team will either come away with a 0-0 draw or the occasional 1-0 victory. It doesn’t always work out, but even one point goes along way to escaping the relegation zone.

Sean Dyche’s football is no fun for the fans. There is no creativity, no excitement, no dominance. It’s a grueling task to watch your team pinned down for 90 minutes, especially when it often results in a loss or a draw. But it provides Everton with the structure and discipline they are so desperately calling out for. Saving the Toffees will be a high order for Dyche, but with so many weak teams at the bottom of the table, there’s every chance he does for them what he did for Burnley so many times.

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