Brexit is over- it’s time to move on and focus on what's important

Patrick Young argues that, with Brexit done, the country needs to attempt to reunite

Patrick Young
12th February 2020
Brexit has finally been done. Boris’ entire election campaign was done-and-dusted in just over a month, so now what?

I was not a fan of the idea of Brexit, but, in the wake of it finally being finished after four years, it is about time, that we, as a nation came together, to focus on more pressing issues facing us, and the rest of the world.

Climate change is still happening, the ice caps are still melting, and we, are still trying to develop solutions to this problem, surely now that politicians are not arguing over whether we must live the EU or not, we can actually do something about this threat to our very existence.

It will take more than just the Green Party to accomplish this feat, we need the whole of parliament, to work together, instead of just saying that they are working on something. We need hard evidence, and we need it now.

We, the people, have the right to ask our politicians, to work towards the greater good, and put aside their political allegiances to do so. After all, they did that for Brexit, why can’t they do that for other, more important issues.

If climate change is something that they are unwilling to compromise on, then they surely should be able to deal with homelessness in Britain. Surely, no politician would feel the need to debate this issue, as, after all, it is occurring in every major city, and is increasingly spreading into smaller towns throughout the country. Politicians should be able to come together to create a solution to this, that is beneficial for all.

Homelessness is not a partisan issue. People are not a partisan issue. Irreversible climate change is not a partisan issue. Now, more than ever, all the people on this tiny island need to work together, lest we sink beneath the waves. All because we’d rather fight than cooperate.

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