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Fashion Editor Miranda Stoner sums up the latest planet based brands who are part of Selfridge's sustainable scheme...

Miranda Stoner
18th March 2019

As part of their Bright New Things scheme, Selfridges & Co have selected several new brands to promote this Spring/Summer 2019. The aim is to ensure that sustainability doesn’t compromise style. The top-down approach hopes to encourage conscious consumption by making changes from within the fashion design industry itself. From upcycled denim to recycled rubber souls, each company has different methods for helping the planet. Many brands focus on the reduction of water waste, by reusing fabric and removing steps from the production process, as well as using more planet friendly organic and fairtrade farming methods for material fibres. Although they are not necessarily in the student price range it’s great that sustainable clothing is becoming more available to an ever wider range of consumers.



Stay Wild Swim is a swimwear brand launching in Selfridges stores this spring. Each piece is made from regenerated ocean plastic, which helps the planet on two levels- firstly by reducing pollution in oceans and secondly by reducing the demand for new products to be manufactured. In addition to this the brand’s launch campaign is very inclusive, reflecting the aim of the brand to help people as well as the planet and to flatter all women. The whole process of the manufacture has sustainability at its heart, from production to packaging the co-founders Natalie Glaze and Zanna van Dijk have thought through it all. They even have a solution to potential problems in the washing process. They sell a GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag which goes in the washing machine and catches the micro-plastics, which you can then empty into the bin to stop them from becoming integrated into the water system.



E.L.V. Denim design and produce their pieces in the UK in East London. They are a zero waste denim brand, which considering it takes on average 4,000 litres of water to produce a pair of jeans (that’s about 62 showers), this is no mean feat. The upcycled pieces are spliced together to create new stunning designs. The nature of the fabric also means that each piece is individual and quirky.The company’s founder Anna Foster hopes to “debunk the myth that good-fitting jeans are hard to find” by transforming her upcycled denim into beautifully tailored shapes. The company offers Mafe to Measure pieces by appointment , putting a really luxury spin on environmental protection. This means the jeans fit your body just as well as your ethical compass.

In addition to jeans. E.L.V Denim offers denim jackets and shorts so there's something  for every wardrobe.



Good News is a sustainable shoe brand who include recycled rubber soles and organic cotton in their designs.  Instead of using petroleom in their inner footbed, they have opted for biodegradable caster beans. They also support charities and have donated over 3,000 pairs of pre-worn shoes and trainers to refugees and migrants. This fits perfectly with their company goal "to make people smile".

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