Brittany Acts as the Canvas for the Perfect Summer Placement

Rhianna Stenson feels the Brittany Blues after spending the summer working abroad.

Rhianna Stenson
2nd October 2017
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After spending 5 months in the French Alps on a ski season, by the beginning of May with no plans for summer, the pressure was on to find a job. I was adamant that I would spend my summer abroad, and it’s the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I was adamant that I would spend my summer abroad, and it’s the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As a seasoned camper, I thought I would fit right in at Eurocamp. After a short interview, a week later I was on my way to Dol-de-Bretagne, Northern Brittany, to be a holiday courier.

My preference was to be placed in the south of France on a large sociable campsite, so the reality of rainy Brittany, a tiny campsite and just two colleagues left me dreading my summer. I was beginning to feel this was a terrible mistake.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. On arrival, the sun was shining and the beers were flowing. I found out I would be living in a mobile home for three months, not a chilly tent, and I was situated on a flagship site with loads of staff. It didn’t seem so bad after all! My first evening kicked the season off to an incredible start and I immediately felt at home. I didn’t look back all summer.

As couriers we worked hard, but played much harder. Daily tasks could be anything from cleaning customer accommodation to reception work. All the staff, who came from across Europe, lived in one communal area, creating an awesome social scene. Every night something fun would be happening, whether it be drinking games, a party in the bar or getting involved in the onsite entertainment.

As couriers we worked hard, but played much harder.

Amazingly, we had two days off each week to spend however we liked. If you haven’t already visited Brittany, you need to. From golden beaches to historic towns with cobbled streets and beautiful buildings, there’s so much to see and do. Britany is situated just an hour’s train ride away from Rennes (the nearest student city with cracking nightlife), and three hours from the city of love, and the country’s capital, Paris.

It’s safe to say that I couldn’t have enjoyed my summer abroad any more. I was able to work amongst new people and exciting cultures, and make long-lasting friendships, all whilst getting paid. Be adventurous and work a summer season abroad next year- you won’t regret it.

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