Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending? Cool, cool, cool...

Hattie Metcalfe reminisces over Brooklyn 99 ahead of its eighth and final season

Harriet Metcalfe
25th February 2021
Credit: IMDb

Spoiler warning!

Like any relevantly decent partner, Brooklyn Nine-Nine broke up with us just before Valentines Day. Or February 11th, to be more exact.

That fatal day we knew we'd have no flowers or chocolate brought to our house. The relationship was ending. Cue the tears and endless B99 rewatches... Okay so maybe I'm being overdramatic - but showrunner Dan Goor announced that after season eight, our beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be coming to an end, as he writes it, "in a blaze of glory". And I may or may not have shed a few tears.

All good things must come to an end after all, although B99 will be leaving us in a more unusual manner, with a delayed eighth season and fewer episodes within it. Given we've been following the antics of the 99th precinct since 2013 though, it's undeniable that they've had a good run. We've seen the characters grow together; Amy and Jake getting married and having kids, Rosa coming out to her family as bisexual, Boyle adopting a son, Gina succeeding in the #influencer life (because honestly how could she not?) and Hitcock and Sully eat an ungodly amount of food.

In fact, for a comedy show, Peralta and the 99 haven't shied away from the big topics and managed to build up a diverse cast. From Captain Holt living with husband Kevin (a plot point that is just wonderfully there - it's not the focus, nor is it discussed. It just is) and the precinct's acceptance of them, to Rosa's accepting herself and her sexuality - the show presents characters more representative of society in 2021 than many others have done before (there's a great list of how B99 broke ground in LGBTQ+ representation you can read here).

Adre Baugher as Captain Raymond Holt

Back last year, the show came under fire with critics, calling it "police propaganda", that encouraged audiences to sympathise with the police force. Listening to the criticism, Dan Goor tweeted that they had donated $100,000 to The National Bail Fund Network. Actress Stephanie Beatriz announced she had donated $11,000, tweeting; “I’m an actor who plays a detective on tv,” she said. “If you currently play a cop? If you make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in residuals from playing a cop? I’ll let you do the math.” Later, Andy Samberg (Jake Peralta and producer) announced that four scripts were scrapped in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests around the world after the killing of George Floyd, in order to address the police brutality and systemic racism in the US. “Our country is going through a hard time. It’s been going through this. I’ve been hearing about this in rap music for 30 years. We’ve been told if we wanted to listen. It’s been happening. What the show is going to do is further the conversation” Samberg told Variety. "I do believe that our characters need to examine their roles in the world. They’re going to be forced to look in the mirror and see who they’re complicit with. We have a decent track record of addressing social issues." Season eight might be their last hurrah - but it's set to be a sobering one, and rightly so.

Sad? Happy? Going through an actual pandemic? Watching Brooklyn 99 was (and is) the answer to many things in life

I was twelve years old when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was released (I feel OLD), and whilst it wouldn't be until I was fourteen or fifteen when I watched it, it's been a pretty big part of my life. Sad? Happy? Going through an actual pandemic? Watching B99 was (and is) the answer to many things in life, and discussing the "I Want it That Way" scene with anyone has been a great icebreaker. Perfectionist Amy has resonated with me more than most TV characters; her people-pleasing attitude and deep love of stationary connected with me on a surface level, but further down, it was her relationship with Jake that tugged at my heart-strings.

Mellisa Fumero and Andy Samberg, Credit: IMDb

In popular culture, 'the nerdy' character never seems to get the 'cool' love interest unless they change themselves. But 'cool' Peralta fell in love with 'nerdy' Amy's studious and perfectionist attitude and sees that whilst you can always do things well and worked hard, it won't always mean the work you've done is perfect. The two characters balance each other out perfectly. Whilst they're undoubtedly the couple I'll miss the most from the world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, they gave younger me hope that one day I'd find my own Jake - and I'm grateful for that.

I'm sure the 99 will continue to be a fan-favourite and live on, even if only through Netflix. I'll just be sad when it ends (title of my sex tape).

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AUTHOR: Harriet Metcalfe
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