Bubble Student: A New App for Student Housing

For anyone looking for affordable student housing.

Laura Higgins
16th October 2017

Bubble Student, a new mobile app which enables students to browse through thousands of properties in twenty cities, has been met by a wave of success across the United Kingdom. Its clever design allows students to filter their specifications, for example, the number of bedrooms, price and ideal location in Newcastle, in order to find the perfect property. They can then share this information with their housemates on the app and subsequently request a viewing with the appropriate letting agency.

Felix Henderson, Co-Founder of Bubble Student app, gave The Courier an insight into the moral reasons why it was designed. He explained how he noticed that ‘there was no ‘go to’ platform for students when they were looking for student housing. Therefore, we saw a niche whereby someone could come in and aggregate all of the student accommodation options available in one student app. We wanted to give power to the student again.’

We wanted to give power to the student again.

From the outset, the app has been extremely successful. Due to the unique talent of the in-house technical team and two versions of the app in 18 months, Bubble Student has been in stock in over twenty focal cities across the UK with particular popularity shown in Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds. Felix Henderson explained that the second version of the app is due to be available to students in the next few weeks (in time for the property rush!!!) which is already ‘on the verge of a national rollout and therefore are hopefully going to see the platform fly!’

As part of the Bubble Student’s national rollout, new users of the app experts are offering a free years rent to a random group of housemates. This not only highlights how successful the app is a tool to find the perfect student property but also acts as an incentive to new users to download the app in order to prevent missing out.

In an interview with The Courier, Felix Henderson summarised the Bubble Student app: ‘the mobile app gives students all their best accommodation options in one place. Users can search with housemates, add properties to groups and book viewings at the touch of a button. It’s about time that someone brought a product to market with a genuine USP that uses amazing technology to change the student letting game for everyone involved.’

Bubble Student is a universal app which helps students to find their ideal properties with minimal stress.

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