Budget Travelling: My Absolute Necessities

A run down of the things our writer refuses to skimp out on, even when trying to save while travelling.

Poppy Bedford
7th March 2024
Image from Pixabay, @StockSnap
Whether it’s travelling at home or abroad, we all know the struggles of travelling on a budget. Here’s my top 5 list that I couldn’t live without:

  1. Leg Room

We all know the struggle; you’ve caught a last minutes bus to a festival somewhere and couldn’t get seats so now you're sat sandwiched between two total strangers, one of which will definitely get off before you, with no space to put your feet and no way to get comfortable. Leg room will forever be one of the things I will try and secure while travelling - I recognise it’s not that important for some but my 6ft self needs all the floor space that can be spared.

2. Sun Tan Lotion

I know, a controversial take, but sun tan lotion is a must have on any trip. Whether it’s the beaches of East Yorkshire or the Fjords of Norway, I will always be taking sun tan lotion with me on my travels, mainly because I burn so easily but also because any bad trip can be made worse with a bad sun burn.

3. Headphones

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone needs their space while travelling, and headphones help provide a safe space even when surrounded by people. They make any boring stretch more exciting and provide a backing track to the whole trip.

4. Wi-Fi/A place to charge your phone

Though it is very Gen Z of me, having a place to charge your phone and decent enough Wi-Fi can save you on a budget trip. Whether that’s long hours travelling or trying to find directions in a foreign city, your phone really is a life saver when it gets down to it. It also helps to stay in touch with reality and the outside world.

5. Good Shoes

Budget travelling often leads to a lot of walking to try and alleviate costs. This is fine if you have good shoes and don’t mind the distance, but it’s awful if your shoes break or start rubbing on the first day. I’m not saying you need to buy new shoes for a budget trip, just that you should have a pair of shoes you can trust when you're off gallivanting.

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