But baby it’s cold outside

Phoebe Hoi Yiu Ng on elegantly avoiding December’s windy wintry weather

14th December 2015
Topshop £125

Topshop £125

Style or warmth? It is a common question we ask ourselves when styling during the Winter months. We always feel like it is impossible to keep warm unless we bulk ourselves up with multiple thick layers, so we are left looking like a bloated Michelin Man. But here are some tips for layering whilst still managing to look stylish!

It all starts with footwear. UGG boots are generally considered to be unfashionable now, a reminder of our younger days when they became worn down and stained from the rain. But come on, it’s winter! We are allowed to look casual and cosy sometimes, and it IS possible to look chic at the same time. It’s all about balance. If we are wearing a pair of chunky boots, pair them with skinny jeans or a cute pair of leggings and fitted jacket. For a more sophisticated look or a night out, leather-look jeans would be a perfect choice. Although thin, they’ll keep you a lot warmer than your trusty night-out dress. Just make sure you keep your UGGS in the back of the cupboard if you’re going to be stepping out of your Uber taxi and onto the Diamond Strip. A pair of ankle boots are an ideal choice for the cold season, always making styling effortless.

Topshop £49

Topshop £49

I like to wear a thinner basic top as my lower layer, so I can take off the outer thicker layers if it gets too hot indoors. It usually feels like a sauna in the Robinson Library after a brisk December walk. Then start layering with sweaters or cardigans. Be inventive when layering: your summer dresses do not have to go to the back of your drawers yet. Wear it over a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck jumper. If you have collared dress, wear a fitted sweater over it then pop the collar out.

‘‘Your coat tells people a lot about your style, so really invest in a winter coat’’

Skirts are your best friends in Winter; you can add as many layers of tights as you want underneath. Skirts are versatile, they are amazing whether you want to look cute or go a bit more edgy. To go cute, tuck in a sweater and wear with tights and boots. If you are feeling more Christmassy, wear a velvet skirt to add a festive vibe. If you prefer to change up your look, wear a button up a-line skirt with tights, trainers, and a crew-neck sweater. Pop on your fave coat and you’re good to go.

Warehouse £112

Warehouse £112

Your coat tells people a lot about your style, it is often the first item of clothing they see when they look at you. So really invest in winter coat. It should fit you well and at the same time give you enough space to add multiple layers underneath - you don’t want to look like an awkward robot getting to your lectures. Trench coats are great but they can get boring sometimes. Try something different and get yourself a faux fur lined parka and wear with some suede boots. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and patterns because, let’s face it - bulky black coats can get dull!

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