Cabaret Night: LGBTQ+ Society and Drag Society

On 27th March, the LGBTQ+ Society collaborated with the Drag Society to put up a cabaret night.

Leo David Prajogo
12th April 2022
Image: Instagram @ncllgbt and @nu_drag_society
Last Sunday, I settled in the Venue to watch two hours of performances at Cabaret Night, a collab between Drag Society and LGBTQ+ Society in the Venue. This event was hosted by Dami, president of the LGBTQ+ society, and Treacle Macabre and Costa Fortune from the Drag Society. It featured both art and live performances.

The art included posters on the walls by Mandy Barker at Curious Arts (@curious_arts) presenting important and striking reminders of the community’s struggles. On the boards, there were pieces celebrating POC and immigrant identity from the university's Claiming Your Space collection, as well as photographs by J.O.D. (@visualsbyjod) and Oana CW (@tinyocw).

We also had art by Julia Rowe who later performed her very own original song on the guitar on the asexual experience. Our other singer of the night was Siena (Bethyki on Spotify) with "Sway" by The Pussycat Dolls. Hosts Costa Fortune and Treacle Macabre were Sienna’s backup dancers. They also presented their own acts: Costa Fortune performed acrobatics and athletics in stilettos that most people would not manage in trainers, and Treacle Macabre brought us a fun interpretation of "The Family Madrigal" from Encanto in a gorgeous teal coat.

Julia Rowe, image: Instagram @ncllgbt and @nu_drag_society

Ella Danlos the Third (whose name I deeply appreciate for the pun) joined Treacle Macabre in pop media themed drag shows. This time, it was Doctor Who, and Ella took the stage as a Time Lord, the Librarian, investigating the Master and performing his favourite song. Missy Hole’s upbeat performance featured a humorous representation of the Newcastle University experience and was followed up by the equally humorous story of how she chose her drag name. Drag Society didn’t just bring us drag queens though; Veggie Stripper was our drag king of the night with outstanding power and astounding flexibility.

Our evening wasn’t just drag and music; standup comedian Reece Lumsden had the room in stitches in his skit on dating and autism. Dami wasn’t on stage just as a host, but as a performer as well, with original gentle, soothing poetry. Beka brought us a heartfelt spoken word on their mixed-race heritage, impassioned and deeply emotional.

Thank you to Newcastle University’s Drag Society and LGBTQ+ Society for arranging Cabaret Night; it was an experience to remember, as well as a special shoutout to LGBTQ+ Society social secretaries Mar, Carson, and Ruby for the work they put into preparing for this event and the support they offered during it.

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