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Campus fashion expert Adriana Newbury dives into what makes Newcastle students so stylish

Adriana Newbury
25th April 2023
Image: Adriana Newbury
I don’t know what’s in the air in Newcastle, but after visiting my friends at other unis (sorry Loughborough and Warwick), we are definitely one fashionable campus. Even if it’s a hungover 9am, a Newcastle student will still make that jogger and Ugg combination look like it’s straight off the mannequin at Fenwick’s. Nonetheless, don’t feel intimidated by the rapid trend cycle. You can totally reinvent yourself at uni, embrace a new style and no one would know you haven’t been dressing like this for years. Here are some of the particulars of what makes the Newcastle campus so stylish…
Image: Adriana Newbury

Mix and match. Get the comfort needed for the lecture theatre with Uggs (the socially acceptable slipper) and loose-fitting trousers, and then style it up with the suit coat. Floor length adds an element of chicness that looks so effortless. 

Shoes, Uggs, or for a cheaper alternative see the likes of Marks & Spencer or EGO Shoes. 

Parachute pants, Depop. Try Urban Outfitters for some other popular versions. 

Hoodie, H&M… for the best baggy fit try men’s sizes.

Floor length coat, ASOS Design.

We are definitely one fashionable campus

Image: Adriana Newbury

The Jesmond uniform. You can’t take three steps around campus without seeing a pair of these…p.s. the best place to get them are charity shops. You would’ve thought they’d be better for summer, but somehow the Newcastle student makes them work all year round. Just be careful of the Toon climate ruining the bottoms of them with rain!

Vest top, Zara. In my opinion the best place for quality basics, or another favourite for wardrobe basic essentials, Primark.

Linen pants, charity shop. These were only £7; the British Red Cross on Nun Street by Grainger Market has the best selection in the Toon.

Image: Adriana Newbury

Back to my favourite, the mismatched & effortless look of business wear meets campus casual. A cut above; trying hard but not realty trying at all. It gives you ease on campus whilst steering away from a tacky look. The shirt elevates the outfit to make sure you somewhat match the interior of the stunning Armstrong. 

Shirt, Zara. 

Tracksuit, Adidas purchased from a Kilo Sale. These are the best places to get branded second-hand clothes, as you pay by weight rather than value. 

Image: Adriana Newbury

High waisted jeans are a huge one to avoid, basically social suicide on campus. Newcastle campus still has that y2k feel about its fashion scene, and the low waisted jeans hit that spot. The leather jacket is a perfect addition for the edgy feel to the outfit. Reusing instead of buying new is a key part of student living, so embrace it and go on a shopping spree next time you’re home; I can guarantee your Dad had a cool one in the 80s.

Jeans, Vinted… essentially a more secure version of Depop. 

Hoodie, charity shop. 

Leather jacket, Dad’s wardrobe!

Newcastle campus still has that y2k feel about its fashion scene

Image: Adriana Newbury

A necessity for the rainy city. Make it a statement piece or make it a classy wardrobe essential. Trench coats are everywhere on campus: the posh Leazes look while also having that practical pizzazz. 

Trench coats are everywhere on campus: the posh Leazes look while also having that practical pizzazz

Green coat, Daisy Street. This up and coming brand can be found at retailers such as Urban Outfitters or ASOS.

Trench coat, eBay. This is a fantastic place to look for vintage trench coats, as the trench was in popular fashion from as early as the 60s. 

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