Campus fashion for a tenner

Meg Howe goes thrift shopping to find the best outfit on just a tenner

Meg Howe
11th May 2021
In an attempt to expand my style for just about ten-pounds, I hit the charity shops to scout out their best pieces! What I love about charity shop-shopping is that you never really know what you’re going to find. It’s like digging around in a pile of dirt in the hope that you find a diamond: you might get lucky, but you might just end up feeling a bit sorry for yourself.

What drew me to this challenge was the idea that you don’t have to spend big in order to change your style. I wanted to grab pieces where I wouldn’t usually see a part of “me”, because I thought they were either too cool or that I didn’t have the body shape for them. But this challenge showed me that experimenting with fashion can be done in a cheap, environmentally safe way.

While this challenge was fashion for a tenner, I have to confess that I did spend £11 on these items (and you can blame your fashion editor for that)! However, I think we stumbled across the best pieces in there.

this challenge showed me that experimenting with fashion can be done in a cheap, environmentally safe way.

Firstly, in Cancer Research, I picked out this blue and white knitted jumper. The tag says size 14 which made it a little oversized, but it’s super cosy and could definitely be dressed up or down. Originally from Papaya, this jumper would probably have retailed for around £25, so bagging it for only £3 is a definite bargain! I can picture myself wearing it with some mom jeans and a brown belt, and it would perfectly match heeled boots and trainers if I wasn’t feeling so dressy.

The second item was picked up in the British Heart Foundation, and was a little more expensive. These brown corduroy pants were original from Zara, meaning their retail price was definitely around £50. I feel a bit smug saying that I picked these up for only £8! As with the jumper, these could definitely be styled up or down depending on the occasion.

The pants were the piece I was the most unsure on. I didn’t feel cool enough to pull them off, and I wasn’t sure how I would style them past this challenge. But after trying them on, I definitely would say that I feel a lot more confident. I feel as though they are really flattering on the thighs and bum, and definitely seem to accentuate my legs.

The only downside to these pants is that they’re a size medium, which means they’re a little big on me. They also don’t have any belt straps, so picking a belt to go with them was a little hard. Though I didn’t let that stop me! I paired this outfit with a black belt and some chunky trainers, for a pretty casual look. Since I was feeling all brave, I wore red lipstick and matching red heart earrings to push myself out of my comfort zone just a little more!

To donate to any of these charity shops mentioned above please follow these links:

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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