Campus fashion: Me'n My Graphic Tee

Hatty shares her love of Florence Pugh, and the graphic tee

Harriet Metcalfe
7th March 2022
Image: Harriet Metcalfe
Although I watched the likes of 27 Dresses (2008) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006) over and over again growing up, my awakening to fashion ultimately (and perhaps bizarrely) came through Tumblr's 2013 emo era, and lead singers of bands.

My awakening to fashion ultimately came through Tumblr's 2013 emo era

As a young(er) Bastille fan, I would google for Dan Smith's graphic tees, avoiding the likes of his $100 purchases from tours to the US, and going for the £10 H&M options instead (spy the NASA t-shirt I bought from the mens section four years ago and still own). Much to the dismay of my mother who couldn't understand the need to own a Twin Peaks t-shirt.

Gradually, I started research for my own tees instead - finding the likes of the wonderful Girls on Tops, who champion female filmmakers and women in the creative industry through their simple but bold t-shirts and "Read Me" blog. But this snazzy number comes from Y2K tees, another online store whose slogan simply reads that "the 90s called, they want their tees back".

Image: Harriet Metcalfe

When I see something with Florence Pugh on... well, I have to buy it, right?

I'd never fallen into the 90s tshirt trend before - to be frank I'd never found one that appealed all that much to me - but when I see something with Florence Pugh on... well, I have to buy it, right? Especially when the woman has a colander on her head.

Not quite femme, but not quite masculine either- my wardrobe was teetering on the edge of both

Paired with my black jeans I wear religiously (to the point where they're now heading into the dangerous territory between soft black and a dark grey), graphic tees like this one allow me to embrace a more androgynous side to my personality. Something not quite femme, but not quite masculine either - my wardrobe teetering on the edge of both. It's the space where I feel most comfortable, shopping through both the male and female sections, and wearing whatever I like the look of - no matter the gender designated to its label.

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AUTHOR: Harriet Metcalfe
English Literature BA student. Loves film, TV, books and coffee. Thinks "Thor: The Dark World" gets too much hate. Twitter: @hattiemetcalfe

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