Can joggers ever be fashionable?

Is there still a place for sportswear and joggers in modern-day fashion?

Scarlet Davies
9th December 2023
Image credit: engin_Akyurt, Pixabay
Originally intended as sportswear and eventually sold as everyday attire, joggers have become more and more mainstream in the past decade. As fitness and gym culture became popularised within fashion in the 70s and 80s, the public began to wear them outside rather than to workout; while this may have been a common style in the early 2000s, in recent years wearing joggers has started to been seen as lazy, unfashionable and overrated to wear. But is there still a place for sportswear and joggers in modern-day fashion?

The decline of joggers can be held responsible by its negative associations of working-class fashion. More affordable UK shopping chains - such as Primark and H﹠M - began to heavily influence their clothing line by including popular sportswear items that were trending at the time of release in the 2000s. This meant that clothing such as joggers were often sold for under ten pounds, making it a cheaper option for lower-income households. However, this incline of purchase then created an elitism within the fashion community when wearing sportswear became too popular. Sportswear was seen as lazy and even unkempt through biased connotations of the working class. 

This prejudice put joggers firmly out of mainstream media, particularly as ‘thrifting’ more unique pieces began to be publicised online in the late 2010s. Cheaper, more ‘tacky’ pieces such as joggers were seen as uncreative and basic, to the point that joggers have majorly fallen out of fashion. But all is not lost; the 20s have brought a new wave of ‘street fashion’, which mixes put together, structured pieces with more slouchy, relaxed clothing. Baggy, wide-legged trousers are now back in fashion, and this trend has begun to view tracksuits as stylish again. Loose tops paired with joggers is now a popular look online, and has begun to creep back into the public-eye again after so many years of criticism. 

Since the dawn of fashion, trends have been temporary, fickle and change constantly; therefore the question of whether joggers will ever be fashionable is as uncertain as any other current fashion item. What was popular one day can be a major faux-pas the next, and with the internet being so widespread, there’s no telling what clothing item will be victimised next. If you want to wear joggers, just do it - they’ll probably be the next big thing again in a few years.

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